Dissemination of your EBP Project Results

There is a raise in evidence-based practices, all aimed at improving the treatment and health of the patients. They are several methods for dissemination and implementation of EBP projects and such methods can either be external (professional nursing organization) or internal (hospital board).

Internal method

Internal methods, in this case hospital board, is important in dissemination and implementation of evidence-based projects. The hospital board will provide the much-needed organizational resources, create conducive environment for EBP dissemination. The hospital board is in a good position to provide structured leadership that will be responsible for the dissemination of the EBP. It is of importance to discuss the evidence-based results with the hospital board, for them to input their views and provide guidance. While communicating with the hospital board being convincing is good in explaining the need to implement the EBP and this is done through tailored communication; evidenced practical driven messages.

External method

In dissemination of evidence-based project, there are external methods that need to be employed. Professional nursing organization is important in dissemination of EBP results, they provide their professional point of view on the results and professional guidance. Professional nursing organization will provide the much-needed supervision, assessment of the dissemination as well as in developing expected interventions, and monitoring the whole process. The professional nursing bodies will over-see the process and keep it check. While communicating with the Professional nursing organization, professional language principles and framed message is used targeting the professional nursing organization representative.