Dissemination of EBP and research

Dissemination of EBP and research, such as presenting results at a conference or writing an article for a journal, is an important part of professional practice. Identify one professional journal and one nursing or health care conference where you might present your project. Discuss why each of your choices is the best option for you to disseminate your new knowledge.

Considering my 30-day patient re-admissions, I would present my finding at the Journal of Medical Case Reports. This is because it would give me a platform where I can present my findings in a professional setting and my findings be included in the database that forms the development of medical development. Since it is also an open peer review platform, I will benefit from analysis and recommendations from experienced professionals in the field equipping me in the long run with more skills and competence (Smith & Parker, 2015).

International Conference on Nursing Interventions, Behavioral Medicine and Public Health will fit well with my topic. Presenting it at the platform will expose more people in the field to my findings and they might benefit from my research. The exposure that my findings will get at this conference will give me the necessary audience and potential advancement in the field when many people find my work worth while and applicable in their daily practice.


Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice. FA Davis.

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