Marketing and the Health Care System

Assignment 1: Marketing and the Health Care System

HAS 305 – Health Services Marketing


According to federal regulation 29 CFR 825.125, health care providers can practice medicine and provide health care services authorized by the State or Secretary in which the provider is practicing medicine, also known as a health professional. Health professionals performs duties in all areas of health care, such as nursing, surgery, dentistry, psychology, labor/delivery and public health. The health care system is expected to provide health services to patients, and prescribe necessary medication (Kotler P., Shalowitz J., & Stevens R.J., 2008). This paper will describe the role of marketing within the healthcare system, while determining how hospitals directly impact health care marketing in hospitals. Additionally, a strategy for hospitals to determine the use of products and services will be provided, while analyzing the competitive environment of a health service organization, and outlining and identifying how strategic marketing tactics caused success. Lastly, three ways a hospital can shape a customer buying decision will be provided.

Determine the direct impact of marketing for the health care provider you selected.

As mentioned earlier, hospitals will be discussed as the health care provider of choice, more specifically, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, also known as CHOA. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is located in Atlanta, Georgia that primarily provide medical care to children. Competitive advantage is the direct impact of marketing that is selected as CHOA hospital offers it. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals caters to children and their family as it promotes a kid friendly environment. Their mission is “to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow”, and their vision is “Best Care … Healthier Kids”. Both their mission and vision commensurate a marketing strategy dedicated to delivering patient care. Although, there are other hospitals in the area that are strong competitors, like Emory University Hospital and Well-Star Medical Center, the consistent increasing demand for CHOA to provide medical care to their patients continues to excel. Because Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta focuses on displaying great customer service skills, community outreach and ensuring children’s health, the hospitals marketing impact has greatly influence the hospital’s financial performance, operations, and reputation.

Direct impact can affect the reputation of a hospital’s operation. Every business has a vision and a mission to plan guidelines on organizational procedures. Patients expect to be cared for and treated based on the plan that the hospital or organization set for the company. If the hospital fail to meet the organizational goals or vision, it can result in negative impacts, and even worse patient-health care provider problems. Such issues can result in a financial crash of the overall organization.

Outline a strategy for the health care provider you selected to determine the utilization of its products or services.

The strategic plan for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to determine the utilization of its products or services would be devising and evaluating methods and procedures for collecting data, to conduct research on consumer opinions. Some marketing tactics that can be performed to promote organizational growth is attending conferences and meeting to share information regarding promotional activities, as well as gaining the opportunity to construct designs and pricing for products and services the hospital has to offer. Attending and participating in meetings can help determine ways to overcome marketing challenges and open the organization up to possible opportunities for changes within the healthcare organization. For example, in today’s economy, technology is a big and powerful change that can add a positive impact in any organization. Also, internal data can be collected to include patient profits, referrals, financial transactions, staffing, and other types of administrative information (Berkowitz, 3).

Outline a marketing strategy for the health care provider you selected.

A marketing strategy that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta could use would be social media tactics. Building the CHOA website, conducting tv and radio commercials, investing in newspaper ads, and billboards are all ways that would help market and promote the hospital and attract new patients. For example, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) designed a landing page to drive engagement and sharing, while inviting users to watch the video. The video encourages the viewers to share a message of goodwill with children confined to the hospital during the holidays. After the users submit their message, users were encouraged to share the campaign with friends via social media, and to make a donation. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta can then target social media influencers and media/bloggers ot share the campaign message to promote awareness and market engagement. The marketing tactic just described can cause a positive impact and greatly influence the hospital’s financial performance, operations, and reputation. 

Recommend at least three (3) separate ways the health care provider could shape the buying decisions of its customers.

When trying to outline buying decisions for the customers, recognizing that the organization may be in need would be the first place to start. An organization has to reflect on their products and services, weaknesses and opportunities to identify methods to increase customer satisfaction. Also, being open to alternative can be affective. Instead of focusing on the organization’s insight, consider the customer’s value and input. Using a survey or questionnaire method can help determine a customer’s point-of-view. And finally, using the post-purchase evaluation can help shape a customer’s buying decision. Again, keep in mind that the customer’s participation in a business is what drives the organization continued success. Pay attention to the customer’s needs, and devise ways to meet those needs within a responsible financial constraint.

Analyzing and perceiving service quality and customer satisfaction can lead to loyalty towards healthcare service providers. Utilizing the results from marketing intelligence and strategies can indicate that the health care provider values the relationship, quality of facilities and influence the interaction with supporting staff have a positive effect on customer perception. Market findings can also help healthcare managers to formulate effective strategies to ensure a better quality of services to the customers. Lastly, effective marketing outline can help healthcare managers to build customer loyalty towards healthcare services, thereby attracting and gaining more customers (Kondasani & Panda, 2015).



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