OMM 622 Week 3 discussion 1

OMM 622 Week 3 discussion 1

What are the two causes of an increasing or decreasing sales number?

Discuss all the reasons that might explain an increase or decrease in gross profit.  

Some of the main reasons profits decrease, is the quality of product is not good, bad customer service, sometimes it can be a seasonal reason depending on the product. To make money in a business you have to have a “need” for a product, then make a “quality” product, and make sure to “price” that product at a fair price. Without these things your sales profit will decrease.(Amanda McMullen, Demand Media)

To increase sales, you first want to advertise and try and get new customers in. Offer a discount or some sort of an incentive for first time customers. Always offer great customer service so customers keep coming back, increasing your sales. The best way to increase sales is to have extensive knowledge about what you are trying to sell. Believing in the product or item that you are selling will also help. To increase sales make sure your customer are happy. The best advertising you can get is when a happy customers tells someone about your service.

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