OMM615 Week 1 Discussion 1

What is marcom? How have the functions within marketing communications become more integrated? What does the Forbes writer, Judy Begehr, say about how content will impact the IMC? Why is this important? Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post.  Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. 

After reviewing information found in our course text, marcom is the abbreviation used to describe a particular company’s marketing communications that will eventually determine if the company will or will not be successful (Ogden & Ogden, 2012, Chapter 1.1). This type of communication can be seen in various forms like television commercials, social media or writing. In relation to the functions within marketing communications becoming more integrated, our course text states, “A subset of marketing related to communications is integrated marketing communication (IMC) which is the process of coordinating and integrating all marketing communication tools into a seamless program to help the company achieve its objectives” (Ogden & Ogden, 2012, Chapter 1.1). Along with this, there are many aspects of companies that are resulting to the internet, or technology overall. The use of technology has made things much easier and convenient for individuals. In relation to how content will impact the IMC, Judy Begehr states, “A carefully orchestrated, well-planned content marketing program can and should become the central organizing principle that guides integrated plan development and messaging across channels” (2014). In her opinion, integrating this is much needed for leaders of companies because it is overall used as a marketing investment. Examples like building funds or budgets for upcoming programs/activities can be used as an example. All of these have to show others where the funds are going and how things will benefit the company as well as the individuals involved. It is extremely important that the correct content is involved in the IMC so the plan and strategy can be communicated clearly.


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