Opportunities Risks and Challenges of Emerging Markets

Opportunities, Risks, and Challenges of Emerging Markets

According to Lussier, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is defined as “the combined analysis of the external and internal environment” (2016).

Thinking of my university experience: I would say that my strengths would include my intelligence, capabilities, drive and motivation. My weaknesses would include procrastination and not feeling like I have enough time to do my best work. My external opportunities would be federal government funding, because without that I would be paying much more out-of-pocket costs, and may not have made the decision to further my education, and the university staff and resources that help to guide us to success. My threats include myself, because sometimes I am tired, lazy and just have had a bad string of luck with technology lately that has me two weeks behind on work and this has gotten me feeling down and frustrated! Another threat would be others. Other people that may discourage your goals or do not support you in those goals can be a real threat to accomplishing them.

My core purpose for attending college is to gain knowledge, insight and obtain a higher paying job to provide my children with opportunities that I never had and always wished I did.

My thought process while performing my SWOT analysis was deep. Thinking of the answers to those questions causes you to think deeply and analyze. I can imply about myself that I am capable of far more than I choose to do. I’m sure that a lot of other students’ thought processes are similar to my own.


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