Module 2: Board of Directors Essay

Module 2: Board of Directors Essay

ORG300 – Applying Leadership Principles

Colorado State University – Global Campus

I have been a volunteer at ABC Animal Rescue for about four years. I have been establishing relationships and trust with the community, as well as with my fellow volunteers, for most of the time that I have been here. The connections I have created are not as strong as they could be. My reasons for building these connections are based on the leadership drivers and leadership skills that I know will propel the organization to grow and become successful. Organizations will always benefit from the services of volunteers and local community. They make it possible for the organization to operate more successfully and with fewer road blocks. In order for them to be truly successful, though, organizations need a leader that can foster good relations and realize the goals of the organization. Here is how I will approach the community and volunteers to build relationships and trust:

Building trust can be very hard in today’s society and even the smallest of concerns can collapse the entire foundation. So, to begin, it is important that the leadership of ABC Animal Rescue is supportive and honest through communication and through actions. Keeping commitments and being fair with the team to ensure consistency of what is promised and fulfilled is key (Casse, 2014). When the organization proves that they are consistent in what they pledge to the volunteers and community, then we have a solid foundation for trust. I want to start by building that trust through the conversations I have at the event.

Not all great innovations that an organization produces comes from within the organization. Leaders are listeners and supporters of deep conversation. Fostering an atmosphere of listening to each other, the community and our volunteers can reduce the process of trial and error when trying to get the competitive edge. Leadership should be investing quality time and understanding to the talent of their team and outside networks, and cultivating an environment of creativity (Jones, 2015). I want everyone to know that there are open lines of communication that go both ways; I think it is very possible to get more individuals involved and sharing their thoughts.

It’s not enough to keep promises and encouraging the input of the community and the volunteers. A lot goes in to effective leadership and I want to emulate some of those key aspects while at the fundraiser. By showing the guests that I’m listening to their input and collaborating with them on their proposals, I’m able to make them feel valued. I would like to build confidence in the volunteers by using their feedback and implementing some of their ideas into tasks that evening. It is important to show everyone that their work is contributing to the overall goal (Jones, 2015).

ABC Animal Rescue needs effective leaders and those leaders will be in attendance at the fundraiser. I want to use that evening to help bring out the leaders in our volunteers and community. The success of ABC Animal Rescue comes from more than just the Board of Director, the managers and supervisors for the facilities, but also from our community. That is why it is so important that we establish and build on those connections and trust with the community and volunteers. I have been working on those connections and building up our volunteers for several years and having the opportunity to help strengthen those connections at the fundraiser will be a perfect way to start. By employing what I know about leadership, I am confident that the fundraiser will be a success.


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