PA 412 Unit 8 Assignment

Unit Eight Assignment  PA 412 Introduction Our client, Parents Against Drunk Driving, or PADD, is looking to resolve a dispute with Mr. Bart Napier. This dispute revolves around the contract used between the two parties, which was PADD was to pay $50,000 to Mr. Napier for being a key-note speaker at one of their conferences. …

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PA 412 Unit 9 Assignment

Unit Nine Assignment   PA 412 Introduction Throughout this course we have learned about alternate dispute resolutions and the methods used in this process. These can range from simple negotiations to complex arbitrations, which each having a specific purpose to settle the dispute (Frey, 2003). Along with that, each have positives and negatives associated with …

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PA 412 Unit 5 Assignment

Unit Five Assignment   PA 412 As the population of the United States has increased, so has the number of civil disputes. To combat this increase, the judicial system has implemented the usage of Alternative Dispute Resolutions. There are a few key reasons that these processes are used, including: the cost effectiveness, the time it …

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