The Capital budget

The Capital Budget






Payroll Forecast

The Pennsylvania department of human services has a compensation package that includes salary, benefits and wages. The agency usually provides compensation to theemployees for the work they do in cash as one package. The employees of this agency mostly have an extra advantage in being eligible for some other extra compensation. The employees who work full time and usually have lifetime service credit of approximately 2 years are granted the opportunity to longevity pay. Longevity pay is another form of compensation to employees.

The agency also gives its employees additional compensations. These compensations are usually through giving the employees incentives because of their exemplary performance, paying for calls associated with work, stipends for education or salary, payments made for replacement benefits or a difference in shifts. The costs of these compensations are usually not included in the sum of the compensation calculation. There are also compensations given on recruitment, bonuses kept, deployment in dangerous or risky working environments.

The employees of the Pennsylvania department of health care have some compensation as benefits for its employees. These benefits are usually put in order to help the employees working in the agency. Some of these benefits include programs that have been set and approved by the federal government which includes compensation on unemployment and those that deal with social security. Other compensations approved are those that deal with health care such that they make sure employees receive the best healthcare. This agency also provides insurance, programs that deal with savings and retired employees (Hills, Dengel & Lubans, 2015).

One of the benefits includes the Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF). This trust fund is responsible for giving the employees of this department health benefits. In order to access this fund, the employees are usually required to officially register themselves and their dependents. This benefit is not only for the employees but also for the people depending on these employees like their families.This fund is thus responsible for catering for the expenses in the health insurance.

The agency also provides some other forms of insurance like those in dental care, basic, optional and dependent term life. It also deals with insurance in employees that are experiencing or have long term disabilities.These disabilities can be acquired or experienced at work where it hinders the employee from working. There are also insurances on vision. The agency gives the employees and its dependents an opportunity to visit an optician for regular check ups and also enable them to purchase for frames and lenses that is affordable to the employees (Pennsylvania department of human services, 2017).

The agency gives the employees benefits on their leave days. It gives them an opportunity to relax by sending the employees for a vacation with their families. They can also take on leave when they are sick or when it’s a holiday. Despite the fact that such leave have restrictions, the fiscal year of 2015 had the agency employees given sick leave of 12 days, a vacation leave that is approximately 17 days and 15 days for the holidays which the employees got paid.

For retirement compensation and benefits, the state of Pennsylvania has a system called the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS). This system usually requires the employees of the agency to register themselves as members. Once they have, the employees are required to pay 6.25% to be put in the retirement system. New members usually have the opportunity to increase the benefits they would acquire in their regiment by 25% because they will be committed to contributing a rate of 9.3% which will last for 45 days. After those days, the new member will contribute the same rate as the others.

The money paid in the retirement funds is usually determined by a formula. After the amount has been determined it is then put in the account so that it can be accessed on the time of retirement. It is also a requirement and mandatory that the employee of this agency be enrolled in the State Employee Retirement System. This system is responsible for sending the package of the new member to their homes. The package being sent will contain a form for the beneficiary designation that the employee is required to fill and mail it to the State Employee’s Retirement System.

The agency also gives the employee a deferred compensation where he or she can make decision on their own to set aside an amount of money for retirement. This allows the employee make a decision on the money they want to be deducted or invested from their gross salary. The differed compensation has privileges in terms of taxes, where there are some advantages stated in the federal tax code 457(b).

Trend Analysis

The funds used in the fiscal year of 2016 and 2017 in the office of income maintenance, the dollars invested in the state were 26.3 billion. The fiscal years of 2015 to 2016 had 24.4 billion dollars. This showed an increase of 1.9 billion dollars. 11.2 billion dollars was invested in the human service in the fiscal years of 2014 and 2015. Over the 5 years in the department of human services has increased it’s expenditure in several areas. Inthe mental health fiscal years of 2013 and 2014, the money invested was 690.5 million dollars. 731.6 million dollars was invested in the department in the fiscal years of 2014 and 2015. This was an increase of 41.1 million dollars, which was 6% (Pennsylvania department of human services, 2017).

The analysis has thus proven that the expenditures of the Pennsylvania department of human services has gradually been increasing. This is because there has been an increase in population in counties and there has been a need to provide exemplary health care to the residents of Pennsylvania. There has also been an evolution in technology, where better systems have been introduced, better medicine has been discovered and also more facilities have been introduced. All these required more money to support and make the trends possible, thus the gradual increase in finances.

Expenditure Forecast

Among the highest expenditures in this agency is the office of medical assistance. This office has the highest amount of money being invested in it. There are so many uninsured people or people with disabilities who cannot access health care like the others. Thus it is meant to help out those residents who genuinely need help are able to access to access their facilities such that their consultation fees and medical fees are taken care of for them. These costs on the expenditure should not be disapproved because they help out the residents of Pennsylvania.

Medicaid also has shown to be spending a lot of the investment being put in it. As shared by (Jameson & Longo, 2015), the technology used in medicine and other offices in the human services has gradually evolved such that there has been increased prices in pharmaceuticals. So much money has been spent on technology but there is need for reducing the prices in pharmaceuticals. Not many residents are able to afford the expensive drugs or medicine. Thus more should be invested in technology for advancing pharmaceuticals but their prices should however be regulated.

The office of mental health is ranked third on the expenditure forecast. This office is responsible for sponsoring programs in many communities aimed at assisting those with disabilities. They are a broad area where they make sure that the person’s with mental illnessessuffer from addiction get proper care and treatment that they deserve. They do this by providing a community health service that has a base program. The office of child welfare and youth developmental programs is ranked fourth on expenditure forecast. This expenditure is necessary because the homeless children and youth need it to have their rights and needs met (Fine, 2014).

Capital Budget

The two options for predicting the cost of needed repairs that I would consider is the budget of the state or the needs of the residents in the Agency. The budget of the state is essential in that before coming up with any budget in the agency, the budge is usually put as a priority so that any needs being raised by the agency should be able to fit in the proposed budget.

The needs of the residents however should come first. Thus while coming up with the budget and proposing some areas that need funding, the most important needs should be set as a priority. This can be done by stating down all the needs in the agency and then sorting them according to the urgencies. This would enable the agency identify the cost of needed repairs.


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