PAD 505 Week 1 Discussion 1

Week 1 Discussion 1


From the first e-Activity, evaluate the relationship between Congress and the President and discuss two (2) reasons why the presidential duties may conflict with the role of Congress. Justify your response with examples.

The President duties will have the Congress and President fighting over power, especially when Trump is trying to take control over all departments and agencies. In the past with President Nixon attempt it failed. The Congress is setup to handle the departments and agencies. Amongst the Congress and President, they should come up with a plan that generates support from the President but is overseen or dictated through the Congress. Another conflict would be veto, an example of this is when The White House has issued a strong statement that not only rebukes the latest Republican attempt to repeal the ACA, but also promised to veto the bill, while Obama was in office. If the Congress and President are not aligned together on the same common goal it will always be a pull and tug in power struggle.

From the first e-Activity, discuss three (3) major concerns of public budgeting and finance for a public administrator. Justify your response with examples.

1. Balanced Budget: As suggested by the name a balanced budget is that which has no deficit or surplus. The revenues coming are equal to the expenditures.

2. Revenue Budget: It is just the details of the revenue received by the government through taxes and other sources and the expenditure that is met through it.

3. Performance Budget: This type of budget is mostly used by the organizations and ministries involved in the developmental activities. This process of budgeting, considers the result or the performance of the developmental program thus insuring cost effective and efficient planning. With the increasing developmental challenges and awareness regarding the usage of tax payer’s money, new methods of budgeting are required of which the performance based budgeting has emerged as a transparent and accountable method.