PAD 505 Week 4 Discussion 2 Trend Analysis

Week 4 Discussion 2


Trend Analysis

Administrators face various challenges including financial management during trend analysis. It becomes a task for the administrators to balance the financial conditions especially for many years. There is no identified measure for the financial management of the government entities and the administrator should take an approach which is comprehensive to include both external and fiscal factors. In order for the administrator to be able to deal with financial challenges for 5year period, he or she needs to evaluate and identify the factors affecting or leading to financial conditions. The identified factors should therefore be eliminated not to cause severe consequences. Another challenge which the administrator should put into consideration is the data source. The sources for obtaining information for 5years should be analyzed well to avoid wrong information which would in turn mislead the whole organization. Trend analysis is all about making comparisons of an organization for a period of time. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the information at hand is from a trusted source. Getting the right information ensures that the analysis are real and shows clear trend or the organization’s performance(Walt et al. 2010).

Conclusively, trend analysis for a period of five years contains much information therefore it should be handled with care to avoid loss of information or any interference. When the administrator is preparing trend analysis, he or she should be very careful or data input to avoid giving the wrong information. He or she should be sure of the information being used for trend analysis so that the inflation and deflation can be calculated too. The administrator should consider external and internal factors affecting the business during trend analysis to ensure that the analysis is done effectively (Walt et al. 2010).




Walt, G., Shiffman, J., Schneider, H., Murray, S. F., Brugha, R., & Gilson, L. (2010). ‘Doing’health policy analysis: methodological and conceptual reflections and challenges. Health policy and planning23(5), 308-317.

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