Part I Disliked in Green Book

Part I Disliked in Green Book





Part I disliked.

The green book can be said to be a great movie. First of the actors are great and the acting and the setting is very good. However there are some aspects about the movie that I disliked. for starters, I found the tittle of the movie to be is not centralized around the green book s I initially thought but rather on friendship between the two main actors who are dr. don who is a Jamaican American pianist and tony who is a bouncer hired to be his personal driver.

There some of the areas of the film that I consider to have poor acting and scripting. For example when travelling in the south, dr. don does not seem to be concerned about the discrimination against the blacks. The movie is set in the 1960โ€™s where jimmy crow laws were taking effect in the south. The black people were endangered and in this movie, black people can be seen to be hanging from trees. This represents horror that the black people who lived in the south were used to. Instead of Dr. Ron looking concerned and worried because of the horror facing the blacks outside, he sleeps comfortably in his car as he is driven around.

Racism is also directly exhibited by the film. At the scene where they are at suit store. Tony is given a suit to try because he is white while the suit was to be for Dr. Shirley. When the tailor discovers that he has given the suit to the person who was not supposed to measure the tie on basis on race he feels rather embarrassed. This is portrayal of the highest level of racism. I am sure that even the people who watch the movie in the theaters would be surprised by the extent of racism in the film. However despite the setbacks, the movie was still enjoyable.

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