Phase II Selecting an HRIS Application

Selecting an HRIS Application

Human Resource Information Systems

Selecting an HRIS Application

Routine HR tasks, or a significant portion of them,can be automated through implementing a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). A HRIS can save managers and employees valuable time and resources. Allowing individuals to complete anassortment ofsimple administrative taskson their own, without direct contact with human resource management (HRM), can heighten management’s effectiveness (Kavanagh, Thite, & Johnson, 2015). Online, self-service portalsprovide employees the ability to process such requests as payroll look-up (check stubs), paid time off (vacation and sick leave accrued, if applicable), and enrollment of annual benefits.

Utilizing an HRIS can positively affect an organization’s internal work environment by creating more time for HR and management to focus on more pressing employee issues.HRIS can allow managers to streamline their HR-related tasks for various activities. Tracking time and attendance, collecting employee data, benefits, performance reviews, and processing applications for potential employees are a few of the tasks that can be simplified with the implementation of a HRIS (Flynn, 2016).

The three most significant benefits a HRIS will bring to Gladwell Grocery Stores is employee and management access to vital information, new applicant processing, and streamlining the compensation and benefits process.

Employee access

Ability to submit requests for paid time off, online benefits enrollment.

  • Viewpersonal paycheck, W-2s, W-4s, current benefits information, accrual of paid time off, employee handbooks, and retirement contributions.

Management access

Submit merit increases, approve time cards and requests for paid time off, and change employee’s job title and employment status.

Applicant access

Potential candidates can complete and submit an application form, which can be redirected to the hiring manager for consideration.

Background and drug testing authorization forms can be completed to allow pre-employment checks to correspond with the application process.

Benefits access

Employees can access forms and documents via an online library, which willeliminate paperwork hassle.

Employees have the ability to change personal information, tax withholding, direct deposits, and benefits information (Winn, 2015).

Automating these HR functions will provide Mr. Bell the able to create schedules; remotely while his management team can review and post them for employees to see. Mr. Bell’s unnecessary travel to each location and delays in employees’ pay will be eliminated with the implementation of a HRIS. There are many HRIS on the market today, but Mr. Bell needs one that will meet his needs now and in the future.

Based on the information provided by Mr. Bell, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) would best fit the company’s needs. DATIS is one of the leading providers of position control human resource (HR) and payroll SaaS. The system offersa cloud-based software covering several HR aspects such as position control, payroll, timekeeping, benefits administration, and recruiting and talent acquisition to name a few (DATIS, 2016). The DATIS software can help Mr. Bell leverage a complete administrative service solution from a single-service provider.

The payroll software will provideMr. Bell and management of Gladwell Grocery Stores with the ability to view individual merit, adjust compensation, track attendance, and view accrued paid time off. Mr. Bell can make adjustments to employee’s pay, if needed, and have a check sent to the employee’s physical address on file. The software will allow employees to view personal information, and make contribution adjustments to their retirement plans, provide access to paystubs, W-2s and W-4s. The system can also be designed to allow employees the ability to select the benefits they need when open enrollment begins, or if changes in their personal lives occur that require a change in their benefits.

DATIS will significantly cut down Mr. Bell’s travel to each location to deal with employee payrollissues. Employees can have their direct managers email Mr. Bell about the issues they have, and Mr. Bell can manage them remotely without the extensive travel to the employee’s location. The system allows employees to sign up for the benefits that best fit them and their families when open enrollment happens. Employees and their spouse can sit in the comfort of their homes and discuss their options. In the time Mr. Bell saves on traveling, he can then focus on finding more competitive group health coverage.

Choosing the HRIS is only half the battle. The next step is selecting a vendor to carry out the process. Kronos Incorporated and PDS are two vendors Mr. Bell could potentially consider with implementing Gledwell Grocery’s HRIS. Both vendors have been in business for about 40 years. Both vendors also have systems that cover all the functions Mr. Bell would need in a HRIS. PDS Vista HRMS/Payroll boasts 530 installations while Kronos Workforce Central and Workforce Readyhave been installed in thousands of organizations of all sizes (CompareHRIS, 2015). Both vendors offer subscription service (SaaS or PEPM) and licensed purchases. PDS costs are based on the total number of active full and part-time employees, while Kronos costs are negotiable depending on the amount of data an organization needs.

Of the information gathered from CompareHRIS and each vendor’s website, I would choose Kronos over PDS as a vendor. Although they are very comparable in functionality, Kronos boasts one accolade other vendors do not have. In 2015, Kronos Incorporated received the NorthFaceScoreBoardAwardSM from the Omega Management Group Corporation for excellence in customer satisfaction (2016, April 13). The NorthFaceScoreBoard Awardrecognizes organizations that exceed customer expectations. Customers scored Kronos a perfect 100 percent when asked if the company’s customer service is professional and courteous during interactions. 2015 marks the 16th consecutive year that Kronos has been honored with the NorthFaceScoreBoard Award. Being the only cloud company to achieve this award, and one of just two organizations to receive the accomplishment every year since the program’s inception makes Kronos a “slam-dunk” in the HRIS industry (2016, April 13).


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