PHI 210 Assignment 2: Problem Solving

Assignment 2: Problem Solving

PHI-210/Critical Thinking

The Problem-Solving process consists of a sequence of sections that fit together depending on the type of problem to be solved. These are:

Problem Definition.

Problem Analysis.

Generating possible Solutions.

Analyzing Solutions.

Selecting the best Solution(s).

Planning the next course of action

Scenario #1 was chosen to show a combination of the ideas to be used in solving problems in Scenario 1 using the six-step method mentioned above.

Problem Definition

I have work for an organization that I have developed to cherish for as long as 11 years. I, as of late, chose to come back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree, and they offer educational cost repayment. My concern is that I just learned from the Manager that I have another possibility at a rival in another state. My previous Boss recommended me for this position; the Job is mine on the off chance that I need it. It begins in about fourteen days.

Problem Analysis

I have worked for my organization for a long time. My previous Manager has recognized my incredible execution by suggesting to me for this situation at the other organization. I need to progress with my present organization, and in doing so, I returned to school in a quest for my bachelor’s degree. Also, they are assisting my compensation for facilitating my training, with educational cost help. The other organization pays well; However, they don’t offer educational cost repayment. Another factor is that if I accept the new position, I will need to begin in about fourteen days, and that is a similar time that I will be taking my last tests of the year. I likewise should decide precisely how out of sight express the organization is? Will I have to migrate? what would happen if I do not move, what it the drive like? On the off chance that I would decide to encourage my instruction past a bachelor’s qualification, the new organization would not pay; this is another considerable predicament to take a gander.

Generating Possible Solutions

Potential arrangements were requested to the new organization to broaden, or rather postpone the beginning date. That would make it possible to concentrate on studying for the tests and beginning the new position with a degree. Another idea is to talk with the new Manager and see whether they will bolster me propelling my instruction further (training help). What is more, thirdly, generally, it could inquire as to whether they would give a salary raise, seeing that I will currently have a bachelor’s degree.

Analyzing the Solutions

On the off chance that the new place consents to expand the beginning date, this would be perfect, and this would give enough opportunity to finish the degree. On the off chance that the new organization does not bolster instruction help, this implies that it would need to pay every one of anything after finishing my bachelor’s degree. On the off chance that my present organization consents to give me a raise, it just may profit me to wait.

Selecting the best Solution(s)

I must truly consider this and decide the best course for me right now. My previous director recommended me for the position; in any case, I was not searching for a new position. I do like my current place of employment; they are helping with the training. I do have a feeling of dependability from them.

Implement and reflect

In the business world, when trying to decide which place to work, there are many ways to look at it; However, in this case, it clearly states that staying the current company that you have been working for 11 years it’s the best options. The cost of education rises every day, and it’s becoming more difficult to finish your education without owing a great amount of money to the government. Jobs that offer tuition reimbursement are good because they allow you to save up money while also completing your education. In conclusion, the decision to stay at the current Job is good because once you are done with school, you will also have the experience to succeed in any place you choose to work.

Planning the next course of action

After weighing the options, I am considering asking my current employer for a pay raise. I will be able to finish my degree and if I choose, on my terms, I can pursue my master’s degree.

Arranging the following game-plan

In the wake of gauging the alternatives, I am thinking about approaching my existing business for a salary increase. I will have the option to complete my degree, and on the off chance that I pick, on my standing, I can seek after my master’s qualification.

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