PHIL 2070 Unit 4 Submission: Fate or Free Will

American Intercontinental University In Locke’s theory, the belief is that “all knowledge comes exclusively through experience (SparkNotes Editors, 2005).” The five senses play a major role is knowledge acquirement and people are born with a blank slate. Throughout life the slate is imprinted with knowledge and grows over time. The theory supports God offering a …

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PHL 1010 Assessment 5

Question 1   Ridicule occurs when:     someone tries to cast suspicion on another by making fun of or embarrassing the person     someone praises the accomplishments of another     someone tries to encourage another person     someone attempts to reinforce a point 8 points   Question 2   Proof surrogates …

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Important Problem: Obesity

Name: Jeremy Rodriguez Important Problem: Obesity Example Important Problem: Ocean Pollution Critical Thinking Question Domain of Thinking Intellectual Standard/Element of Thought Fact, Preference, or Judgement Example: What is the leading cause of pollution in the world’s oceans and its impact on ocean life? Ecology The intellectual standard related to this question is clarity because in …

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Decision-Making Table

Unit VI Assignment Decision‐Making Table For this assignment, you will apply analytical reasoning and identify strategies for self‐assessment to reconsider your decision‐making patterns. You will need to complete a table with four columns to complete this task. In the first column, you will provide two personal examples where you acted in accordance with one or …

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