PRM300 Week 2: Project Scope Form

PRM300 Week 2 Project Scope Template

Section 1 – Project Overview:

AutoTextList s NoStyle t “Enter the name of your project”Project Name Renovate unfinished garage into hobby/hangout room
Project Manager  
Project Sponsor Jessica & Chris Oliva, homeowners
Document ver. # 1.0
Project ScopeStatement Using existing unfinished garage, team will renovate and turn garage into a hobby/hangout room. My husband and I will prep by cleaning and clearing out the garage. My father n law will be hired to work on the electrical, plumbing, permits are not needed. We will hire a construction team to complete insulation and drywall. Another team will be hired to secure the garage door by replacing garage door opener. Last team will provide epoxy flooring once previous steps have been completed. My husband and I will paint and furnish the garage with cabinets, shelving and furniture. This project will take 4-8 weeks and has a budget of $10,000.

SECTION 2 – Project Details:

High-level of Work Breakdown Structure Renovate unfinished garage into hobby/hangout room1.0 Clean and clear out Garage1.1 remove all items out of garage and into piles for: trash, storage, & donations 1.2 remove any extra items hanging or attached to the wall such as drywall or hanging fixtures2.0 Design and review garage layout 2.1 Confirm electrical outlet and lighting positions 2.2 Choose plumbing layout for sink and washer 2.3 Choose cabinets locations3.0 Select contractors3.2 Review Bids3.3 Select contractor4.0 Plumbing4.1 install plumbing for new sink4.2 cut back washer plumbing to be hidden inside drywall 5.0 Electrical5.1 add additional electrical outlets – 7 total5.2 install electrical for recessed lighting – 8 total6.0 Walls6.1 Install insulation6.2 install dry wall 6.3 Paint walls7.0 Garage door7.1 remove old garage door opener from ceiling7.2 Install new Liftmaster garage door opener7.3 secure and adjust garage door 8.0 Garage floors8.1 epoxy garage floors9.0 Cabinets9.1 measure and design cabinet layout9.2 purchase cabinets and install10.0 furnishings10.1 design furnishing layout10.2 purchase furniture
Assumptions Building permits not neededSomeone will always need to be onsiteCrews may work past working hours and weekends.Electrical and plumbing are to code
Stakeholders Jessica Oliva – Owner, laborer, project sponsor, and project managerChris Oliva – Co owner, laborer, project sponsorWilliam Oliva – Contractor for electrician and plumbingRaul Nava – Contractor for insulation and drywallGarage Door Hero – Contractor for garage door replacementTailored Living – Contractor for epoxy floors
Time estimate Start date: 3/1/2020 End date: 5/1/2020Garage Cleanout: 3-4 daysPlumbing: 1-2 daysElectrical: 3-4 daysInsulation and Drywall: 5 daysPaint walls: 1-2 daysGarage install: 1 dayEpoxy floors: 3 daysCabinet install: 2-3 daysFurnishings: 2-3 weeks
Cost estimate Plumbing and electrical: $1500Insulation and drywall: $2500Garage door replacement: $900Epoxy Floors: $1100Cabinets: $2500Misc costs: $1500Total: $10,000
Milestones Garage clearingFinalize garage layoutElectricalPlumbingDrywall, insulation, and paint completionGarage door opener replacedEpoxy floors installedCabinets put together and installFurnishing garage
Out of Scope(Exclusions) Additional tools and materialsCompany liability insurance
Project Acceptance Criteria Project will be considered complete when the following tasks are completed:Electrical and plumbing are completed to codeInsulation, drywall, and walls painted completed.Garage door opener installed and workingEpoxy flooring completedCabinets and furnishings installed

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