PSY 225 Death Scenario Paper

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Death Scenario Paper





Death Scenario Paper

Death is one of the bitterest truths one has to face in one’s lifetime. Death and the afterlife after death are all shrouded in darkness and are normally surrounded by fear. Even an idea of death strikes fear in the hearts of the peoples. Peoples have different perceptions regarding the philosophies of death. Some believe that death is a “work off” to their badness and a way to eventually reach the paradise. While some other peoples believe that it is the ultimate end. Human Beings are completely powerless when it comes to prevent death and even our biggest efforts to defend ourselves will result in a failure.

I felt an emotional ambivalence whenever I imagined a death scenario. The feelings were a mixture of confusion, a sense of fear and anxiety which made my body tremble and also a deep sense of grief which covered my entire body. I started thinking about all the emotional relationships which I had in my life and also about different peoples who made a significant contributions to my life, directly or indirectly. A sense of fear arouse because of the unexpected and uninvited event which suddenly took place and shook my entire life. My heart started throbbing and my head also started pounding due to the prevailing emotion of fear. I started wondering that I might never be able to lead this life again which was so promising till date and also felt that all my dreams were shattered like the pieces of a glass. A sense of confusion arouses regarding why is it happening to me and can I even fight back to it. I started doubting on capabilities to avoid such a hostile situation and gradually started excepting the fact that these are the last few breaths of my life. A feeling of acceptance and gratitude started developing inside me. I started appreciating the limited resources of my life and I was also grateful to the almighty who gave me an wonderful opportunity to lead such a beautiful life so far. I developed a appreciation for life and a deep concern for others. I also developed a lack of interest for materialism and a extremely greater quest for meanings and values.

I imagined myself dying from a very prolonged stomach cancer. During the final moments of my life, I would handle the moments very emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I would want to reconcile over any significant issue or with any important relationship. I believe that each and every person is unique and hence should handle these final moments in their own ways. I will ponder about all the good things which I did for myself and also for the society. These good things will help me develop some strength so that I could convince my friends and family members that they shouldn’t loose any hope. This is not the end of the world. They should start a new beginning with new hopes and ambitions and look forward in their life forgetting all the past memories. I would mentally make up my mind and show a great character of acceptance over this inevitable truth of nature. I will try not to break down in tears as it will have a lasting effect on the peoples nearby. I will try to be an asset to the society and will try to donate all my living organs to the needy.

Up to the ultimate point, I will describe my life as a journey which was full of lessons, hardships, joys, celebrations and also various special moments. I faced many challenges which tested my strength and weaknesses but eventually made me a better person. I confronted many situations some of which were filled with extreme joy and pleasure while some were filled with headaches and heartaches. I have learned a lot of thing s so far from my acquaintances who helped by realize my actual potential and helped me evolves to the highest possible level. I also met some special peoples in my life that had an everlasting effect on my heart. Some peoples stayed forever while some didn’t. But I quickly realized that this is the ultimate rule and nature and not everybody u desire is supposed to be with you. I have gained a lot of experiences form many situations and these experiences made my life a extremely beautiful journey. I learned that one should always follow his heart and never have any regrets at all. Hence I didn’t hold anything back and said and done whatever I wanted to.

My friends, with whom I spent countless days enjoying over a movie or at a restaurant, my family members who were my moral supporters and taught me the different aspect of life, my teachers who were extremely knowledgeable and gave me plenty of advices regarding the hardships of life and also suggesting various methods to fight those hardships from a vital part of my life. Sports and novels will also be an intrinsic feature of my life as I was always passionate about them. In short, life has been a wonderful journey till this point which had both the ups and downs with valuable lessons on offer.

Traumatic events can provide ample of opportunities for growth. Firstly, these events can give one a spiritual change. One can give up drugs and alcohol and start leading a healthy life again. A new appreciation for life will develop and peoples will start to reconnect with things which gave them little pleasures like normal walks and even spend with family members. One can gain new hope and opportunities and can try to do various things differently. Peoples will be grateful to their lives as they are given a second chance to rebuild their life. Peoples may develop a greater faith towards God and may always ask God to help them. We will become aware of our ability to tolerate difficult situations and emotions and will feel motivated by various personal important goals. Peoples may advocate volunteering in the areas which were direct or indirectly related to their traumas. For example, a rape victim may volunteer to help in many Rape Crisis Organizations. They can also write about their experiences who will help other peoples who are going through the same phase. Peoples may also develop a very strong connection with others who have experienced a very similar traumatic event. They experience a positive change to many relationships and their views about peoples and also life changes. These traumatic events will deepen the bonds with the family members and friends and it also gives them the opportunity to see about how deeply various peoples care for them. We may even feel alone and unworthy of love if our family members betray us during our dark phases. Hence we learn about which peoples can be trusted and which peoples cannot be trusted. Hence a traumatic event enhances our mental, emotional and spiritual abilities and provides us an ample of opportunities to become a much better person with enhanced opportunities and hopes


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