Principles of Success Plan: Three Goals

Principles of Success Plan: Three Goals

PSY 115- Psychology of Success

Strayer University


Goal 1: My first goal is to schedule time to complete my assignments in my daily routine over the next five months by using a chart graph that I will post on the wall in my living room. When achieving this goal, it is essential to meeting my long-term goals such as completing my classes on time, getting my bachelors degree, and finding a good job that will help support my family. By scheduling my daily routines will allow me to manage my time so that I can pursue the goals that are very important to me.

Goal 2: My second goal is to be able to increase my income by 25% within the next eight months so that I can better support my family. When being able to raise my pay, it will allow me to reduce my financial stress and help with the security of my family. I will have less pressure about being able to afford food, rent, and other bills and allow me to focus on the other goals that set for myself.

Goal 3: My third goal is to achieve As or Bs in all my classes through school. By completing this purpose, it will allow me to accomplish my long-term goals and earn my degree which will allow finding a better job in the future. The better my grades are, the more I feel I will be successful in school and achieve my goals.

According to Tomasik and Freund (Myers, 2016), the more you pursuit of multiple goals can make it easy to manage when there is a facilitative relationship among these goals. When achieving my first purpose, it is instrumental to accomplish my goals. When maximum my goals. I plan to be careful when chosen my work. My schedule goals will help me achieve my other goals and all three of my align life goals. Additionally, each target follow the best practices suggested in Soomo Learning’s “Managing Multiple Goals” (Soomo Learning, 2016, p. 5.21)d


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