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-It is a Business class.

-All the information is attached in the file. Is due Saturday. According to this information included in the file please create 8 User acceptance Criteria and High-Level Project assumptions for a Project Charter. ( APA format)

Assignment : The project of Team A will be opening of a coffee shop in a small midwestern town. The overall goal for this project is to provide a coffee shop in this town that is currently without a coffee shop for consumers . If demand is sufficient, this shop will provide a place for peaceful enjoyment, along with a few employment opportunities and a niche in the local economy.

According to this information formulate the User acceptance Criteria and High-Level Project assumptions for the Project Charter. ( APA format)

Here are some examples of both:


What do you believe to be true but you’re just

not sure of about the project?

• Examples:

– The investment funds will be available as needed

on the project.

– Human resources with the skills required will be

available to work on the project as needed.

– Milestone checkpoint approvals will be completed

quickly and efficiently to keep the project moving.

User Acceptance

• What is the criteria that is needed for the

user/investor/project owner to accept the quality of

the project work?

• Research quality management models and processes

(checklist, simplified scoring, analytical hierarchy,


• Example:

The project team will use a quality management framework to insure

customer acceptance. The project includes the following:

– Definition of task

– Quality committee review

– User/investor/owner signoff

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