Racism in the Civil War North

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The north had a lot of reason to bit the south in this war,some of the reasons for their win include:

The North had railroad lines that would transport their products and uniforms to them fast from their factories.

The North had a well established government that new how to function together

The North had a bigger population and more immigration. 

The North’s industrial economy was not based on the environment. 

The North could successfully outshine the South because of its U.S.

marine fleet and naval ships.


how the riots supported the myth of anti-racist liberals.

The riots and war was mostly achieved by the african americans due to their active participation.

The civil war was the only way the african slavery and racism was abandoned towards africans.

The blacks were given the chance to win their civil right movement that was planned after the civil war

The free african americans had a lot to handle during this time,they were forced in to the war without training and experience of war.They were afraid of their wives who were also participants in the war.Their kids were left at home without protection and no one to feed them.

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