View of Afterlife

View of Afterlife

REL 212: World Religions

Provide a rationale for choosing this category. What is compelling about this category? Why is it important in the study of religion?

My rationale for choosing this category is there are many different variations of an afterlife, such as the belief of heaven or hell, reincarnation, and a system by which you are judged. What makes this topic compelling is that people have always searched for an understanding of the different theories that vary from religion to religion. Afterlife is essential in the study of religion when we question life and death and what it truly means. The question of where we go after we have lived out loves and how we live our lives impact our spiritual resting place.

Describe the selected content and explain the significance of the selected category across all of the religions studied. Show in what ways the category is significant for each religion.

Most religions, whether they believe in the soul’s existence in another world like Christianity, Islam and many pagan belief systems, or reincarnation like many forms of Hinduism and Buddhism, which believe that your afterlife will consist of reward or punishment for your conduct during life. Christianity is the largest followed religion in the world, and it believes in a reward system based on how you choose to live your life. The concept of heaven and hell is the main viewpoint of afterlife of Christianity and the place where your soul will rest. Religions that believe in reincarnation are Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Reincarnation is the belief that there is rebirth after death in some other entity. Afterlife is significant for each religion and allows one’s religion to believe that there is purpose after death.

Give an example of how you have noticed this category in your life, town or country. What impact does this category have in the everyday lives of people who practice religion in your area? (You do not have to give examples of all the religions in your area, just one you have noticed besides any you practice). For example, in Cincinnati, Ohio we have Hindu, Greek Orthodox, Catholic festivals in the summer. So if my category were “Festivals and Celebrations” I could use those events as my example

An example of how I have noticed this category in my life is my life would have to be with the death of my mother at the age of eight. I grew up following the Christian faith but over the years have been contemplating whether there is truly an afterlife. If I believed that we have a life after death I would be more inclined to think reincarnation is the true form of afterlife. Who wants to believe that we die and that is it, everything is over said and done.

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