RES 497 Week 2 Assignment: S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats)

S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats)
Strategic Management of the Real Estate Enterprise
I have a lot of strengths, but the one that is mentioned the most would be my organizational skills. I am incredibly organized; I believe everything has a place, and everything should be in its place. I find being organized extremely useful when dealing with multiple files and clients. I am a multitasker by nature; I can juggle many things at once. This skill is also valuable when wearing various hats, as you are often due in an assistant position. I am a problem solver by nature. I like to figure things out, which can be useful in the Real Estate industry as every deal is different. Every lender, client, and home is different, which is what I like about the industry. I will never get bored learning something new. I’ve also been told I am an excellent trainer.While working at Argent Mortgage in the height of the Real Estate boom, I was turning away deals that we had no guidelines in place for; “Lease with option to buy.” So, I took it upon myself to sit down with the head underwriter from our team and draft a procedure that would satisfy the lender and help the potential borrower at the same time. Once we had a sound plan and process documented and met all the lender’s guidelines, we presented it to the president of underwriting who approved it. He then helped us introduce it to the vice president of the company who agreed and asked me if I could train the other Account Managers on the procedure. I trained over 300 hundred account manager company-wide, and that revenue stream went on to produce over $5.2 million in its first year of existence. Since we were the only lender that was willing to do it, we had the market cornered on those type of deals.

My most unique resources are my memory and my ability to catch on quickly. I can see something once do it once with supervision, and I will have it. This ability makes my learning curve exceptional and has helped me in the past get up to speed quicker than my cohorts.


Asking for help is something I can improve upon. Because I typically have a specific way, I like things done. I usually have a plan of attack that has been well researched before I proceed with a new project. If I need to work with a group, I explain in great detail how it is to be completed and why. If the instructions are not followed, I will often take away the project and complete it myself. I realize there is more than one way to skin a cat, but I often believe my way is the best and most efficient way. Releasing control, is something I find difficult, in both personal and professional situations. This will be a hurdle I will have to cross if I plan to open my own Real Estate office. I will not be able to be everywhere all the time, and if I try, that will ultimately stand in the way of progress, which will defeat the purpose of hiring staff.


Every opportunity is open to me within the real estate industry besides Appraisal, because it requires additional focused education and training. The one-stop-shop is a trend we could you take advantage of. Buyers and sellers don’t want to have to worry about running to multiple companies to get deals done. They want one place where they can get everything, like Walmart. The fact that I have first-hand experience with lenders, banks, and how they work makes me a benefit and a useful tool in any opportunity.


Threats that could harm any Real Estate Firm are the same, misinformation. In our society today, there is a plethora of fake news, fake ads, and false articles. The Real Estate industry is not immune to all this factual information. Not all information online is true and accurate. And this can cause clients to expect things that simply cannot be done. This misinformation can ultimately cost the firm clients and will require a significant amount of time to manage their expectations.