RES429 Week 3 Assignment: Maintenance Plan Summary

Maintenance Plan Summary for 16601 Alliance Ave, Tustin CA 92780


Property Management

Maintenance Plan Summary

Maintenance is the state of being maintained. (Webster’s Dictionary) A significant element of property management is the successful maintenance of the asset/ property. Maintenance policies should involve information that pertains to the tenant’s obligations including the list of charges for tenant damage to the rental unit. In this essay, I will call the management company ANS Property Management, which will be preparing this report/paper to present to the property owners of 16601 Alliance Ave, in Tustin California in an attempt to when the contract for their property management. The maintenance plan will show the property owners, how ANS can assist them with this property for future growth and maintenance, how ANS plans to maintain the property by routine care, corrective, and preventative maintenance. Meanwhile replacing fixtures, pest control, and outdoor maintenance will also be taking care of.

The indoor maintenance plan:

The goal of ANS Property Management is to maintain all overseen properties with the highest level of excellence. Our short term goals are to make sure Alliance Place is pest free, livable, and meet the federal and local guidelines. The long term goals are to follow the detailed schedule maintenance. ” Maintenance policies and procedures affect personnel, purchasing, service contracts, and budgeting.” (, 2016) Good maintenance includes adequate record keeping that allows the tracking of essential information such as the volume of work, utility consumption and warranties and, consequently, provides the information necessary to make informed, long-term decisions about the property.

Policies and procedures for routine maintenance:

Routine maintenance consists of projects that are prepared for and occur on an arranged basis. Routine maintenance addresses problems emerging from continued wear and tear on the property and machinery, due to abuse and or accident. Routine maintenance by nature is non-emergency replacements or repairs to the building, the equipment, and the grounds. For example trash removal, lawn care, snow removal, mopping and sweeping of common areas.

Policies and procedures for preventative maintenance:

Preventive maintenance is a service that is programmed and is intended to avoid more serious problems at a later date. Like changing the oil in your car. If you do not change as directed, you may cause more damage in the longer run. It also assists in secure items that are often in repair. Preventive maintenance allows staff to manage problems in their initial stages and therefore prevents future extensive and expensive repairs.

Policies and procedures for corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance involves real repairs that keep the buildings utilities, equipment, and amenities functioning properly. These include repairing or replacing a broken HVAC, the toilet, or leaky faucet. Many of these expenses are often covered under warranty if not too old. Therefore, it will be in the ANS Property Management’s best interest secure the original warranties on the updated appliances and other components from the time of purchase (Woodson, 2006).

The property manager will manage, repair or replace any item on the Property for which state law dictates as its responsibility. Also, the property manager will be responsible for the structural components, exterior painting, and siding, roof, doors, locks, keys, windows, foundation, plumbing, electrical, water heater, and ceiling.

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