Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report

Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report


Systems thinking is very essential to solve the problem and create an applicable solution by which the issues solved. This report is based on the issues of change in the customer behaviour which leads to the negative effect on the business of Target, Australia. In this report a rich picture is defined to show the reflection of the issues and the rood definition is present by use of CATWOE analysis.

Rich Picture

Figure 1: Rich Picture Source: Author

This rich picture is based on the issues of the customer changing behaviour and it represent due to the market situation the behaviour of the customer change, so it is very important for the business firm to get the relevant information from the market through which they can make the application decision through which the applicable change in the product process as well as in the production rate will be done in proper way. This picture consider as the solution through which relevant issues will be solved and applicable changes can be done.

Root Definition report using CATWOE


Customer change their behaviour as per their general wants as it is noticed that transformation of the technology leads to the change in the various aspects like in the change in their product taste, selection of product buying decision or changed in their revenue stream or source of income etc. The reason of this changing pattern is that increase the needs in daily life and they want to increase the rate of the satisfaction in regards of product but due to the unemployment the source of income effected. Customers get the relevant platform on which they perform various task like the price comparison as well as the access over the Varity of the products but they does not have the capital to buy the product. So these elements influence the changing behaviour of the customer in the retail customer and Target, Australia facing the critical issues because of this change in the work.


The actor of this situation is customer as well as business person. Customer make changes in the behaviour due to the different aspects such as unemployment on the other hand management people of the Target, Australia does not have the relevant information in terms of this changing behaviour and it leads to the serious bad consequence on the business firm. In this situation organisation actor which is customer make important over the company employee and it leads to financial issues in business due huge amount of business fluctuation in sales. Under thus second actor is dependent on the first one and based on the customer mind-set the overall process is take place and also change if the applicable change is very important to apply in the situation.

Transformation Process

The core process which leads to the Transformation the issues of the unemployment which take place in the Australia. This issue directly affect the source of income of customer due to which the buying power of the customer get decrease and they does not able to meet all the relevant demand. This is the reason they switch their behaviour to buy that kind of the product which they can be easily afford as per their financial income in the business. Another Transformation take place in the biasness of the Target, Australia as they make the stock on the accordance of the previous customer behaviour in high price. But the change effect in negative way and they could not able to sale their existing stock completely. This is the reason their finical output in the business get down and they face the issue of revenue loss in the business.


On the worldwide basis the unemployment highly influence the buying capability of the customer and most of the business firm look forward in the situation and they perform regular market analysis through which the relevant information in terms of the fall of the market or the economic condition. So based on this they business firm take the decision to decrease of product rate of execute the process of new product development through which they can able to manage the situation in proper way and make the avoidance of the negative issues over the business. In the situation of the Target, Australia they does not apply this process and make the investment on the accordance of the current market due to which they face issues after the changes in the situation which take place in the business. They also does drop down their product price through which they can able to manage the situation and avoid the change in the sales scenario which makes issues for them.


The owners of the business is the management of the Target, Australia they make an issues that they does not conduct the market analysis or understand the customer behaviour. Without performing this procedure they take the decision in terms of the product which leads to the bad consequence in the work. It is also noticed that they does not have the pure concept of the Systems thinking through which they can able to make the complete understand of the situation and make change or develop the effective strategy in the business. The stakeholders of the Target, Australia make future decision without thinking and it directly leads to the bad situation in the business and leads to the financial issues in the business.


The rules of the business environment is very simple that before taking any kind of the decision it is very important to gather the applicable information in terms of the external business environment through which the relevant decision as per the business situation can be managed. In this way they take the decision to change the effective situation in applicable way through which it can be improved . This process sis not done by the Target, Australia because overstocking about the product and the changes which can be done in order to make the situation better. They can use the Systems thinking process through which they make the assessment in the external business environment which is an important business element need to concern in business.


It is concluded that system thinking plan important role to make the complete understanding on the issues through which the applicable strategy for the purpose of the understating can be done in proper way. It is also important for the Target, Australia to make the application process through which the applicable improvement to manage the operation in the business in effective way. On the other hand it also helps to maintain the transparency in the work without issues.


It is recommended to the Target, Australia to make the proper market analysis based on the situation and apply new pricing policy in the business through which the applicable changes in the product through which the effect of the customer changes behaviour due to the issues of the unemployment will be reduced in the business and financial aspects improved.

They also can make application of the discount policy in the business through which the issues of the overstocking reduced and they can deliver the product stock in the minimum price rate without issues. In this way they improve the financial aspects and manage overstocking in business.

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