Rosa Lee case study and treatment recommendations

Rosa Lee case study and treatment recommendations






Rosa Lee is a single American African female who is fifty years of age. The lady was married, but she divorced her husband over the past forty years now. Lee has been addicted to heroin over an extended period and also has a far-reaching criminal record because of her immoral addictions of heroine, minor theft cases, prostitution and drug trafficking. She has eight children and almost all that is six of them have followed her road of a dangerous life of committing some unlawful cases and addiction to drugs. The sources of income of Rosa are from the illegal acts such as drug trafficking and stealing stolen goods. The other sources include government beneficiaries which are for tertiary purposes that are used to supplement her main sources of income. Lee is recently in Howard University Hospital emergency room because of the effects of heroine that are trying to lower the immune system of her body. The medical records, however, show that she has been a victim of drug abuse over 13 years now. Such drugs include heroin, cocaine plus amphetamines and she has also got HIV/AIDS. She was then transferred for counseling purposes to aid her.


The sources of information for this case study is gotten from the interviews which were carried out by a reporter with a customer. The interviews were conducted by the Washington post as evidenced in the book known as a mother and her Family in Urban America. The quotes are given by correspondent directly or the observations made by the reporter which are written down. The views of the Respondent are direct to the point, and they can be interpreted. They are also retrieved from the verbal and nonverbal observations of the customer who was interviewed and also from the family members. Therefore we can conclude that the sources of information are from the individual report of Lee, family members, her criminal records and also medical records.


Rosa Lee Cunningham was one of the eleven children of Rosetta who was her mother and his father Earl Wright who died when Rosa was a small kid. Rosa was born on October date 7 in the year 1936 to her parents who were sharecroppers. They lived in Virginia but later on they moved to Washington State as a result of great depression of their work. Rosa is a cocaine and heroin user, and she is an addict for this drugs, in the recent days, she has not been able to raise money that is needed to purchase the drugs. Therefore as a result of such situation, she has been relying on a methadone clinic where she goes for daily treatment. Rosa states that as soon as she gets well regarding finances, she will have to turn back to her old ways of using illegal drugs. Her daily use of methadone id just to get the symptoms withdrawn from her.

The mother of Rosa after was married after the mother of Lee died and then she had more children with the other husband. Lee describes her life during childhood which was based on a poor background, and the way they related to her mother was not that good. This life led her into crimes such as stealing and shoplifting at a tender age, and this caused her relationship with her mother take another route. She also became pregnant at an early age that is thirteen years of age for the first time, and this also broke the bond with her mother. Rosa Lee continued with the same habit until she had six children who formed different fathers. Lee decided to be married to Alvin Cunningham, and he gave her the third child and this caused her to make a decision of doing away with men, but all was in vain. She was later involved in a case of lesbianism which continued quite for a long time with many partners. Since Rosa was a drug addict, she decided to be a prostitute to uphold her habits. Such situation continued till one of her children followed her behavior.

Rosa Lee was faced with a problem when her oldest son passed away after a long time suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (H IV) and AIDS. Lee has an experience in shoplifting because she has done the business for 13 years. She one time visited the doors of jail when she was 16 years of age, and it’s during this period she was pregnant plus her third child. Arresting of Lee was like a song because over the years she was being arrested for the issues of shoplifting, theft, prostitution and drug trafficking. Making matters worse, she was a professional criminal until one day she decided to use her grandfather to sell drugs such as heroin and goods which were stolen by her. Being imprisoned for nine months served as the longest period of imprisonment out of her 12 times imprisonment in her life. Her weight began to deteriorate during the mid-70s, and she decided to take amphetamines to assist in controlling her weight. After a heartbreaking breakup with her husband, she decides to introduce her children to drugs ad she started with her daughter by giving her heroine. The character, later on, spread to other two daughters and also the other two sons.

The habit of using drugs become so addictive to her and her children, and they even decided to share the needles with them. Such condition led to the contraction of HIV which evolved slowly in her body to the final stage of HIV, and that is full brown. Currently, she is attending a methadone clinic to keep away the sickness when she does not have enough money to buy her drugs. Lee decided to live in some different placed summed up to eighteen because of her poverty life which she was surviving under and the places included a place which had no shelters. She is currently living in a house that she can raise its bill with two daughters and grandchildren. Rosa decided to attend Mount Joy Baptist Church and she baptized there as a child and recently the children were baptized because Lee loved attending church meetings when she was a young child. Rosa’s primary support was from children that are they depended on her and she, in turn, depends on them and now it is like she has no support system.


Rosa’s current status is that life she is used with, she wakes up for the activities of the day at 5:30 in the morning. It is during this time that she gets the methadone out of her body, she does some morning chores and prepares her grandchildren ready to go for her studies in a nearby school. All this is done before the opening time of the methadone clinic which is 7:30 reaches. After the morning preparations, she goes to get the methadone from the clinic after which she will embark on her daily business such as shoplifting or selling some drugs. Lee has even thought her children plus the grandchildren the shoplifting business. When she falls sick, she goes to get the methadone in a normal way and then she gets back to bed. Even if the children know such a business, many times they depend on her instead of supporting her a little bit to bring some income.

Lee attended several medications of different types including the one that was upholding her HIV/AIDS. She was somehow illiterate to until to the extent that she could not be able to read the doctor’s prescriptions. As a result of this Lee could take an overdose of her medications because she was not able to read and follow the instructions well. The business of heroine had taken roots until some dealers could come while she was in the hospital bed to collect some debt. This is evidenced when one of the dealers who was ripped off by her daughter from the hospital claimed the daughter of Rosa had created a debt with the dealer. However, when Rosa gets out of the hospital, she goes to the dealer to work on the debt.

The lady’s craftiness assists her when she is in court because she actually believes it both as a shoplifter and also as a craft talker. She demonstrates this behavior while facing some cases in court. While in court, somebody cannot think that she is cunning because the way she is dressed, she usually wears one of her clothes that she believes to be the best. She then dodges the charges that the reason for conducting such illegal businesses is to get an income to raise her grandchildren. She could also that, her daughter who was the mother of the kid was in jail but in real sense, she was out of jail and this was meant to convince the judge not sentence her for several months.


The attitude and behavior of Lee’s daily activities was mainly centered on dealing with drugs and committing of crimes. She did this with the aim of getting her target and then continue with her heroine usage. Social functioning of Rosa Lee, her social life mainly concentrated on helping other children to become addicts of the drugs that she was selling. As a result of this awkward behavior, we get that Rosa doesn’t have any support system from anybody. The occupational functioning of Lee was that of drug trafficking and shoplifting which she trained her children and grandkids on how to do it. Financial aspects of Lee was based on what is happening on the ground or in the market at the moment, and she was not concerned about the future.

Her familial relationships were estranged because there were differences between the addicts and those who were not addicted. Most of her children were drug addicts and therefore they could not rhyme with those who were not addicted. The legal history of Rosa was her having a far-reaching record of being arrested because of shoplifting, theft cases which were minor, trafficking of drugs and doing prostitution including lesbianism.

The health history of Rosa was worse because she suffered from the effects of using drugs that deteriorated her body and also she had HIV/AIDS which was at its final stage, that is, full brown AIDS. Finally, her spiritual history was somehow attractive because she grew up while attending Mount Joy Baptist Church but later her mind was corrupted at the age of 16, and she decided to walk away from church. She has a good recent record on her grandchildren because two them got baptized, but this made no meaning to her.


Over 20 years now, a substance use disorder (SUD) is the disorder the Rosa has been suffering from. Moreover, she has got HIV which she contracted from the behavior of sharing needles. Furthermore, she was a prostitute and heroine user and therefore it is also believed that she had. Her daughter Patty and her eldest son died of AIDS last year because they were involved in such habits of prostitution and also they were drug addicts. Doweiko puts it right by saying that the Contemporaneous issues which require medical and also SUDs are common to those people who suffer from a diversified number of medical problems for example; heart problems, hepatitis C and also HIV/AIDS. All this can lead to mental disorders of an individual.

Rosa is guessed to suffer from depression and co-dependency as evidenced form the variety of relationships she has been having over the years. However, she doesn’t complain of any mental disorder that may seem to ruin her life. Co-dependency refers to a single person in an affair and who is trying to make that affair work while the other partner is not willing. This was not the case to Rosa as she was involved in many relationships as evidenced that she had six men who were different. Apart from this short duration ties, Lee had one unique lesbian relationship which she cringed on for a while.

Her extensive criminal record which started since she was at the age of 13 when she had not got introduced to drugs. On introduction to drug abuse at around the age of 20s, charges of drug trafficking and prostitution began to follow. Over the years now Lee embarked to main shoplifting and drug trafficking which was her survival means from which she could get income. In addition to the above, Rosa has lived in the life of poverty almost in the whole of her life, she had mental effects after she was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, her children were dependent on her and in turn Lee was dependent on them. Moreover, she endangered her life physically when she started involving herself in drug pedaling, prostitution and sharing needles with her children.


Rosa lee’s life events are heartbreaking if one keenly goes through the events during her life. Therefore there are a diversified number of aspects one is supposed to consider and they must be included in the treatment plan that is meant to assist Lee. Some of the factors that should be considered include; her medical conditions which may not be good at the moment, how long she has been using heroine, and this should be approximated in terms of years or months, lack of support from her family and finally her atmosphere that is how is the environment where she lives. Moreover, there should also be additional aspects that one should consider such as the records of crime over the years and how her future will be.

Lee should exhibit a desire that is aimed at getting her life changed, and upon such behavior, therefore one can embark the program that is meant to treat her fully. The first step of her rehabilitation is to go through medical cleansing to set her mind focused on how she will prevent her habits in the future. Pharmacological intervention is the second step which will provide Rosa Lee a better way on how to handle her withdrawals from some symptoms. Lastly, she has gone for methadone which is her current treatment that is meant to make the process of medical cleansing easier and simple. This is because the process itself helps to get off some illicit drugs for example heroine.

Together with her methadone treatment, a plan on how to curb further effects of HIV which may later deteriorate her body should also be included in her treatment plan. However, due to the period that she has been in the methadone treatment, it is highly considered that she should get introduced to another type of medication. Some of the alternative medications include Buprenorphine also referred to as Suboxone. The drug is believed to be the cousin of morphine, but when it is injected into the body, it is 50 times stronger than morphine itself. It also kills the illicit receptors for example methadone, and the drug has a lower level of exhilaration compared to morphine hence serving as a better alternative. A residential treatment which is hospital based should also be recommended because of the living condition of Rosa Lee. She lacks support from good Samaritans to better her place of living, and therefore she decides to live in hostile environments.

The treatment considered above that is a residential treatment which is said to be hospital based has a variety of medical services which are in much need by the patients. Some of the services that are offered by this kind of treatment include; medical services, family and individual therapy, psycho-educational therapy and social services which are meant for patients. However, despite the number of supportive services offered by this kind treatment, there should be some protocols which should be followed. This is because such treatment may affect the self-esteem and psychological nature of an individual. We, therefore, recommend that counseling should be the first step to taken to bring a person close to the point of contention. This ensures that the individual feels confident about his or her current situation.

Personal counselling deals with the past experiences of the person. The encounters may include her growing life which can be termed as harsh, Rosa’s estranged bond with her mother while she was young and all this encounters are trying to push her closer to her life. There are some advantages which are exhibited when one uses individual therapy on particular individuals. To being with, the patient can openly discuss some issues which may seem too personal to address during group therapy. There are also other types of therapy outside individual and group counselling therapy. An example is cognitive behavioral therapy which is essential in helping the patient deal with some sensitive issues such as one may decide to use drugs as a remedy to his or her problems. Group therapy on the other hand assists members to deal with and handle social issues properly. Moreover they help in building a group which is somehow resembles a family. Therefore this helps a customer to manage the relationship problems which have net been solved and to experience comfortable affairs and a pseudo-family kind of unity.

The final therapy is family therapy, but according to lee’s situations, this can be difficult to handle with her. The reason that endorses such situation is that most of her family members including her children have the habit of addiction. Family therapy is mainly meant to solve conflicts within the family which may be hard to resolve to completion. Moreover, it is intended to get the family members learn the best alternative ways to give the client support when she gets home. According to Rosa’s situations with her family, once she is done with her treatment schedule, it is recommended that she enters her home in a half-way manner. This is recommended because Lee does not have a full support system from her home.

Halfway houses are essential because in some homes there is a little supervision to the inpatient. It, therefore, includes the following features; it requires the client to work, pay his or her rent, perform house chore duties and stay while in a sober mind. In addition to that, the customer is supposed to attend to a program referred to as the 12-step program for example Narcotics Anonymous (NA). However to implement this situation is a bit complicated because Rosa seems to be the concierge of her family members. It is then recommended for one put emphasis to Lee how essential her strengths such as love for her family are when she get home.

The above situation can be realized when Lee comes to her senses and realize that the teachings she used to give her children and grandkids was not a good idea. Some of her teachings on the kids included on how to carry out shoplifting, drug pedaling and also on how to use heroine. Moreover if Rosa realizes how such behaviors which are meant to be dysfunctional affects her children, then she will decide to change her behavior. This will return assist her children a lot because they will at a position to follow her footsteps and her ethical practices. This however doesn’t effect on the children’s behavior in society but also grow in a behaved manner to become responsible people around. However recovery from addiction of drugs is not an easy task because the drugs could have been used for an extended period of time and intensive quantities. The recovery is also expected to take the same period of time and therefore there should be continued treatment after the treatment of Rosa.

Continued treatment will greatly assist Lee to completely abstain from the drugs she has been using before. This should include prolonged episodes which will ensure there is an abstinence which can be termed to be long term and also restore her normal functioning. Both spiritual belief and religious aspects which are for addiction can make somebody to conclude that any altering which can be done to someone’s chemical balance of the body, will finally create a loophole to a spiritual window and also change one’s spiritual. However recovery options can be included without adding the spiritual aspects of addiction and rehabilitation being considered.

Therefore the church where Rosa worships should start this process of restoration, and it should start by asking some essential questions such as what is supposed to be done by Jesus in the rehabilitation process. Jesus will have to get to the truth and give them his love, and then he will support this kind of people. This can be illustrated form the book of Ephesians 4:11-12whic say that Jesus gave himself to the apostles, the evangelists, and pastors to equip these people with their works of service.

For Rosa Lee to completely get her life restored back, there should be some special programs which will be used to uphold her abstinence. The programs should be implemented on a daily basis just like one takes medication every day to cure an individual disease. Such programs may include; life recovery, and this is based in a diversified number of communities where they openly implemented. This kind of programs are centered on 12-steps programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. They also concentrate on biblical aspects for example beatitudes which are aimed at getting complete recovery and hence encouraging pure and sober-minded Christian living.

Rosa Lee has a spiritual addiction therapy because she encountered religious practices while she grew up in church. Moreover her grandfather was baptized and therefore one should know that such addiction impacts one’s psychology but it also impacts one spirit and therefore it is recommended to focus on such aspects. The current state of Rosa’s life is due to her complications which were caused by the addictions and crimes she used to commit. Recovering her life should be done in careful manner like when a plane landing to the ground. This means that it should be in an accurate way while unfolding his or her normal behaviors. The emotional wounds of Rosa Lee will be treated by Psychotherapy and this is meant to comprehend things the way they are in order to solve one’s situation and then proceed with life.

Rosa Lee should be to understand the dynamics that she once shared with her mother and then find an alternative way of managing the strong feelings that are as a result her painful affiliation with her mother. If Rosa is at a position to manage and cope up with such situations then it will assist her when dealing with more stressful situations in life. This will not only help her in this situations but also in general life experiences. Rosa’s creative thinking and also critical thinking skills will be in high demand if she may wish to revert her treatment and then go back to her addictions. This thinking is supposed to help her pinpoint the major areas of effect that will help her continue with a healthy and happy life. Moreover she may find alternative ways which will help her give her back to some situations that will trigger her back to the old ways. Some of the things that can be avoided include; drugs such as heroine, those people who deal with drugs and even her friends who deal with drugs. Moreover the areas which are about the places that she used to sell drugs should be avoided also.

Conclusively Rosa’s life experiences serve as a lesson and encourage those individuals who usually lose hope in life easily after a slight mistake. Therefore it is recommended for them to be optimistic for a change always no matter how one’s life has got ruined in some bad life situations. For Rosa’s situation, if at all she makes a decision of changing her life there is no person whom can hinder objectives and hopes of getting her life changed. She will have to attain the goals and then improve on her behaviors to live in a happy and healthy life. She will change her children’s ways which she had earlier destroyed by letting them follow her bad habits. This will make her continue with the wheel of responsibility for her entire family which will have now to follow her right and moral footsteps since the change will have, to begin with, her. If the changes are positive, then will help her entire to be the world’s best role models.