Conversion Lab Assignment

SC250 Fundamentals of Science

Part One:

Subject #1. Kyle Bennett

Height: 6 feet 2 inches = 74 inches = 187.96 centimeters

Approximate Weight: 278lbs = 126.099 kilograms

126.099 x 2.205= 278lbs

Furthest Traveled: Yarmouth ME to Seattle Washington 3,206 miles = 564256 yards = 5159556.864 meters

Subject #2. Theresa Flynn

Height: 5 feet 5 inches = 65 inches = 165.1 centimeters

Approximate Weight: 154lbs = 69.8532 kilograms

69.8532 x 2.205=154lbs

Furthest Traveled: Freeport ME to Florida: 1,452 miles = 2555520 yards = 2336767.488 meters

Subject #3. Heather Balfour

Height: 5 feet 2 inches = 62 inches = 157.48 centimeter

Approximate Weight: 143lbs = 64.8637 kilograms

64.8637 x 2.205 = 143lbs

Furthest Traveled: Portland ME to Colorado: 2,084 miles = 3667840 yards = 3353872.896 meters

Subject #4 Roberta Adams

Height:5ft 0inches = 60 inches = 152.4 centimeter

Approximate Weight: 110lbs = 49.8952 kilograms

49.8952 x 2.205 = 110lbs

Furthest Traveled: Portland ME to Jackson Mississippi: 1,526 miles = 2685760 yards = 2455858.944 meters

DataHeight in inchesHeight in centimetersWeight in kilogramsWeight in poundsDistance in milesDistance in yardsDistance in meters
Subject 1  74  187.96 126.099 278  3,206 564256 5159556.864
Subject 2 65  165.1  69.8532154  1,45225555520 2336767.488
Subject 3  62  157.48  64.8647143  2,0843667840 3353872.896
Subject 460152.449.89521101,52626857602455858.944

Part Two

I do not believe that it would be beneficial to the US to change the Metric system. Most of the world uses this form of measuring, and it makes it easier for us to make conversions. Also, the metric system is easy to follow and it used in many activities around the world such as traveling, and hobby such as sports.

Today the metric system is used in careers like sciences, math, and the medical field. If we were to change the metric system, it would cause a huge problem for the workers use to the current system. For example, when a pharmacist or doctor is trying to find the correct dosage for a patient, they are use to the current system, if it changes there may be confusion.

If we were to change the metric system, it may cause problems for example, when a nurse needs to work with mL when giving meds to a patient. If we change this the nurse would need to learn a whole new system which would interfere with the time she may have to get her job done. I believe that today there are machines that help distribute medications, those machines are programed to know the current metric system. If we changed the system, those machines would need to be replace.

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