Scenario 1 and 2

Scenario #1

First, I will check the adequacy of my screening data. For instance, I will establish whether appropriate screening measures were used. Next, I will plan for interventions. During planning, I will use the computer to draw the flow chart of the intended activities. After that I will implement the interventions. After that, I will manage and evaluate the interventions. Some of the reasons why I may prefer to use Response to Intervention (RTI) to support Marco’s learning include the fact that it is the best option for early intervention and also the fact that it can be used to identify learning disabilities.


I will also use the computer to store data which will be used to evaluate the method

Scenario #1

Firstly, from a psychological point of view. Megan’s state is not permanent. He only requires a counselling session in order to heal and get back to normalcy.

The ideal way to do so is by;

1. Despite being taught in class, as a counsellor I would recommend someone to repeat what they were taught teaching him again during free time.

2. Recommend a lot of exercise and rest in order to cool and relax the mind.

3. Megan should avoid previous thoughts of malice ad this will further depress him.

4. Friends should be close tobhim to offer advice and support him when need be.


By doing so, Megan could regain back his memory retention and thoughts.