SCI 203 Phase 4 Lab Report

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SCI203 Phase 4 Lab Report

Analysis of Energy Sources

Sharon Patton

June 15, 2015

Colorado Technical University


The purpose of this report to determine which electricity generation, coal power plants or nuclear power plants, will be better for human sustainability. Not only for human sustainability, but also for the environment as a whole.


Every home and business uses electricity. It is used from sun up to sun down whether it is lights, televisions, appliances, office equipment, office equipment, computers and the list goes on. It is also becoming a common thing to see electrically charged vehicles. With this report, I will attempt to determine whether it will be better to use coal or nuclear power plants to continue to generate electricity.

Hypothesis/Predicted Outcome

Coal is better to use though the biggest concern may be there pollution is causes, it does not have the threat of radiation leaks which can cause danger to human sustainability.


To do this report and fill in the chart below I used the Lab 4 Sources from M.U.S.E., which show each energy source the amount of coal and uranium used. It also shows the outcome of CO2 emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions, radioactivity, solid wastes and accidents that come from each energy source within a year’s time.


Energy Source Fuel (Coal)/Uranium Needed (tons) CO2 Emissions (tons) Sulfur Dioxide and Other Emissions (tons) Radioactivity mSv (millisievert) Solid Waste (tons) Accidents
Coal Q1 625,000 tons 1.75 million tons 75,000 tons 0.25 mSv 150,000 N/A
Coal Q2 1.25 million tons 3.5 million tons 150,000 tons 0.5 mSv 300,000 Health Impairments
Coal Q3 1.875 million tons 5.25 million tons 225,000 tons 0.75 mSv 450,000 Worker fatalities
Coal Q4 2.5 million tons 7 million toms 300,000 tons 1 mSv 600,000 Fire Destruction
Nuclear Q1 18,750 coal 7.5uranium 52,500 tons 0 0.0025 62.5 N/A
Nuclear Q2 37,000 coal 15 uranium 105.000 tons 0 0.005 125 N/A
Nuclear Q3 56,240 coal 22 .5 uranium 157,500 tons 0 0.0075 187.5 Accidents: minor emissions
Nuclear Q4 75,000 coal 30 uranium 210,000 tons 0 0.01 250 Catastrophic releases leading to radiation sickness death and environmental contamination


After really studying this report I am still inclined to think that coal would be the right choice. Though we use more coal each quarter in coal plants, and CO2 and Sulfur Dioxide emission are extremelyhigher than that of the nuclear plants, the potential danger of the nuclear plants to civilization is more detrimental. All it would take is a natural disaster like in Fukushima, Japan wherean earthquake and tsunami triggered the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. (Fukushima, n.d.). It will benefit out world greatly not to use either source but to continue to research renewable resources for the electricity that we use.

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