SEC 315 Assignment 2: Terrorist Organization

Terrorist Organization

SEC 310: Homeland Security Organization and Administration

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Terrorist Organization


A terrorist organization is a group of people in many countries as well as within the states who threaten the scale of infrastructure, safety, security, citizens of the nations, and or the community. The purpose of this paper is to identify a particular foreign terrorist organization, Boko Haram, who planned and carried out such heinous acts and the outcome of the attack. This paper will also discuss the history of the organization, the motives, and their primary beliefs. Additionally, learning the past actions, to the present activities, what area of operations Boko Haram worked on, and what the status of the organization is today. This paper reviews how the impact that the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism helped with deterring terrorists. And will determine whether global efforts are suitable to contain terrorism.

Describe the history of the organization:

According to Iyekekpolo (2016), an Islamic group called “Boko Haram,” a militant Islamic group that was founded by a Nigerian Muslim sect leader named Muhammed Yusuf in 2002. The group killed thousands of Nigerians by the use of weaponized bombs, kidnapping, and using children as suicide bombers. The bombs that were use and attacks were so massive that it reached the neighboring countries such as West Africa. Boko Harams history shows that the purpose of the bombings was not only for economic greed but religious purposes, and political. They were first a non-violent group who were against western cultures and values, which was hated upon until the sect became violent and a threat to Nigeria and West African countries.

Compare and contrast the organization’s primary beliefs, motives, and allies with another terrorist organization of your choice:

The primary beliefs Boko Haram, is that they are strict on Wahhabism, which is an Islamic doctrine as well as a religious movement and a rigorous Sunni Islamic tradition that comes from the prophet Muhammad. Wahhabism is practiced more or to an extent mainly in Saudi Arabia but is spread to many other countries such as Nigeria. The purpose of Wahhabism is to follow and practice the old ways, olden days of tradition such as during Muhammad’s time where everyone is pure. The motives are to control the people and ban smoking, alcohol, shaving, idolatrous acts, and many more. It was to instill fear and take control back from social iniquities and post-Communist cultures to their means. The sect pledge allegiance to other terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic states which they follow (Knysh., 2004).

Discuss past actions and terroristic endeavors:

When Boko Haram was first formed, they were a non-violent group, and their primary goal was to purify the Muslims by instituting Sharia otherwise known as Islamic Law. Forbade Western education and culture. When people did not listen or was stopped by any police to not make people, the group became violent. This terrorist group was known as the deadliest group in the world. The kidnapped children and made them as human suicide bombers to multiple police stations, and kidnapping about 300 female school students who they threatened to burn them in order to destabilize the Muslim-Christian interference (MacEachern., 2018).

Discuss the present areas of operation, believed actions, and status of the organization today:

Presently, Boko Haram’s organization is still active and still trying to reform Muslim women and girls. The latest news was that they kidnapped about 100 girls from school and had them purify themselves to the Islamic Law, one out of which one girl refused, Leah Sharibu. Thus, keeping her as a slave to versus killing her to show the African people the outcome and actions if not done so. They have also captured women aids to reform them, killed those who didn’t, and kept another one as slave. This continues to happen today and is currently affiliated with ISIS (Boko Haram keeps Leah Sharibu as a slave., 2018).

Determine the impact of how the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism has helped with deterring terrorists:

According to The United Nations Counter-Terrorism (2005) they have four (4) primary missions and goals known as their pillars; however, it is reviewed and revised every two (2) years:

Using these techniques, they have used the help from the victims creating an assembly to

  • Addressing the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism
  • Measures to prevent and combat terrorism
  • Measures to build states’ capacity to prevent and combat terrorism and to strengthen the role of the United Nations system in that regard;
  • Measures to ensure respect for human rights for all and the rule of law as the fundamental basis for the fight against terrorism.

counter act these terrorists. The fundamental framework was designed to protect human rights and their freedom in addition to combat terrorism and for them to comply with the international laws versus their Islamic Laws. They are free to practice, and they cannot force, kill, and or enslave anyone else.

Determine whether you think the global efforts are suitable to contain terrorism:

I believe that the global efforts that are suitable are created to contain terrorism because injunction with Interpol (International Police) helps in catching the terrorists or such groups. Not just their country but neighboring countries are being affected and all efforts made globally only makes it stronger. Analyzing and strategizing with the help of others strengthens the friendship and stop the attacks.


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