SOC 312 Week 5: Journal


Journal Week 5

Self Assessment

Soc312: Child, Family & Society



Reflect on your coursework so far. Which assignment was the most engaging? The most engaging assignment for me was week four bullying this is a very touching subject because it’s happen so much and its every were and I just experience some bulling in my family. Why? I been going through rough times with my grandson they are new in the school system they are small for their age so they are been bully on the new kids on the block. Have you learned anything new? Yes I have I learned a lot of new things with in the chapters kids get very depressed about been bully and sometime take their own lives bulling is very serious. This is significant to take bullying sincerely and not just clash it off as something that a child has to tough out. It impacts can be severe as well as affect a child sense of self-esteem and future relations. In stric cases it has contributed to disaster for instance school shootings. How will you use your new knowledge? So by telling others with reference to bad results of bullying I can use this new knowledge in the future. It would be more helpful to others people as well as parents who have bullied children. By tell them how to prevent bullying in school as well as home. They can take advantage from research along with and will be able to make their children more sophisticated and will keep them on the right track. There some suggestion by using them both teachers and parents can prevent their child bullying behavior. Demonstrate bullying is taken gravely and peacefully let know the child that bullying will not be bear, model respectful behavior when addressing the crisis. Taking part in sports as well as in clubs can facilitate them to take headship addition to making friends without feeling the need to oppress. Results that involve learning or bullying sympathy can assist prevent upcoming bullying. The kids who bullied can lead a class with reference to how to be a good companion.  

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