Reflective Journal 2: My Views on the Benefits and Dangers of Social Media

Reflective Journal 2: My Views on the Benefits and Dangers of Social Media

SOC 105 – Society and the Media


Everyone will not be satisfied with the new social networking and social media sources that have shaped and changed the way society communicates today. Some will believe it is the “best thing” ever, and others may think it is the “worst thing” that has happened to communication, it all depends on who you talk to (1). In this short journal I will reflect on my views regarding the benefits and dangers of social media.

Discuss two or three (2-3) benefits you or others have experienced with social media.

There are many benefits to social media. I have experienced benefits such as the ability to stay in touch with family who are long distance. Sharing moments, pictures and conversations with each other in real time. Also, social media has enabled me to locate and reconnect with friends who grew up in my neighborhood as well as peers whom I went to school with. In addition, to restoring contacts, I was able to make purchases via Facebook that saved me a lot of money when building my home gym. I also indulged and sold one item on Facebook and made money. The small business aspect that Facebook has made available to the public is a plus. These days, a business will struggle to prosper without some form of internet presence or capability. In addition, event postings and invites are other great aspects that have been valuable to me via social media using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Discuss one or two (1-2) dangers you or others have experienced with social media.

Just like there are benefits of course there are dangers to social media. Dangers such as someone’s account being hacked and used to post negative views. Also, hackers will try to obtain personal information for identity theft purposes. Another real danger to social media is cyber- bullying. One danger that I have experienced was someone posting provocative messages and pictures to me. I had to delete their message, report as spam and inappropriate content, then block them from contacting me. One may not think this is a danger, however, I felt it was because my profile clearly denotes that I am married, and this behavior could be a threat to my relationship, especially not knowing their true motives.

In conclusion, good and bad exists in almost everything. It is not the applications that cause dangers to society, but the individuals who decide to use what is available for evil. To replace one-on-one, face-to-face interactions and to hide behind a computer is not good either. In the end, citizens must make the right choices when it comes to social media and use what is accessible for the greater good.




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