SOC 2010 Unit VI Scholarly Activity

Unit VI Scholarly Activity

SOC 2010, Cultural Geography

Columbia Southern University

Unit VI Scholarly Activity

My Ecological Footprint

My quiz results were astounding. Below are I will list out the results. It will be outlined with the question poised then my answer.

1. Which areas did you have the least and which the biggest impact on the earth (food, shelter, mobility, resources, or goods)?

Answer – On the By Land Type my carbon footprint had the biggest impact on the earth. My least impact area was built up land. In the My consumption category my greatest impact on the earth was mobility and my least impact area was shelter. My personal earth overshoot day was 18 Mar.

2. If everyone lived like you, how many planets would we need?

Answer – If everyone lived like me it would require 4.8 earths.

3. How many global acres does it take to support your lifestyle?

Answer – It takes 8.2 global acres to support my lifestyle.

4. What surprised you about your results? How did your results make you feel?

Answer – The overall impact I had on the earth really took my breath away for a moment. When I saw my results, I felt sick to my stomach.

5. What steps can you take to reduce your ecological footprint? Name at least two.

Answer – I can find a more ecofriendly vehicle to use or carpool to help reduce emissions, I can change my diet to eat less processed food.

6. What is your responsibility as a global citizen to protect the earth’s resources?

Answer – Everyone including myself has a responsibility to guard the earth’s resources as best they can. I should start with lowering my personal footprint by not over using these resources and by reducing the impact I have on the earth. I should also take steps to educating others on the dangers of over usage of resources.

7. Provide one recommendation to a national governing body or a multi-national governing body to help reduce the ecological footprint made by citizens.

Answer – My recommendation will be to better utilize my local community, which means buying from local farmers and riding public transportation when possible. Also urging locals to utilize their land better by planting small gardens to grow herbs and vegetables also to raise smaller livestock like chickens and goats to provide eggs and milk. These simple suggestions would help lower individual footprints significantly.

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