STR 581 Week 6: JP Morgan Chase Plan final

J P Morgan Chase Bank Strategic Plan

Brian Stanley STR 581 Clarence DoellingAug 10, 2015


Executive Summary

JP Morgan Chase Bank is a successful bank in the banking industryTo continue achieving growth and profitability, the bank requires a strategic plan.J.P Morgan Chase has decided to install special ATMs that will allow customers to avoid the long lines associated with: making withdrawals, making payments, depositing money check their bank balances


Company background, organizational mission, vision, and value statements

JP Morgan Chase Bank is an established financial institution in the United States of America. It has operated for over 200 years and has grown largely by acquiring other bankThe mission statement The company strives to make the company a good corporation and a respected financial institution across the world. The vision statement Company wants to be the best banking and financial services corporation in the world. Their core values include an excellent platform of financial services, a great heritage and a well governed business.


Organization Structure


External and Internal Environment Analysis

External Environmental FactorsPolitical factorsCompetitionInternal StrengthsGood financial health and high return on investmentHuge customer baseInternal WeaknessesBad reputationInadequate IT infrastructure


Strategies to Implement

Lowered costsReduce the cost of their services Focus strategyFocus on offering excellent customer serviceDifferentiation StrategyDifferentiate itself with improved brand imaging, customer service, technology, distribution, product design or a combination of all.



ObjectivesTo enable the company to be competitive in the banking industryTo install new ATM’s across different locations of the JP Morgan Chase footprint.


Strategic Controls

Functional TacticsCommunication tactics, employee involvement and product strategyAction ItemsConfirmation of the locations where the ATMs will be installed, ensure that they function properly and the collection of quantitative data regarding their usageResource AllocationFunding from the reserves and profits of the company and sufficient labor, effort and time to the project.Key Success FactorsCustomer retention, Increased employee involvement, Improved service , Increased profitability, Reduced time taken for customer service, Increased market share


Project Scope

Implementation ActivityImplementation Partner ResponsibilityProject Initiation Project Proposal and its ValidityCheck the project requirements are according to company’s needs, time frame and various departments needed.Project Planning & design Develop a schedule that Regional managers can adhereWeekly meet ups with the stakeholders to ensure the development meets the customer’s needs. Time and CostBudget and development process closely monitored to avoids any shortfallRisk PlanningRisks are properly assessed, and contingency planning are in place.Monitoring & Control Verify/validateManagement will keep track of the project is on track and budget.QualityQuality Assurance team will be monitoring the quality and final develop product is bug/error free.Executing Deadlines & MilestonesDeveloper team will strictly maintain the deadline and meets the milestones assigned.Closing Formal acceptanceFinal user quality approval is required to meet to planning and requirement for final release of the developed product.

Milestones and Deadline

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}MilestoneDue DateWho’s ResponsibleDetermine the location to install the special ATMs6/30/15The regional managersReceipt of the required software9/01/15The regional managersCollection and analysis of quantitative data12/31/15The regional managers

Total Budgeted Cost

ItemCostLabor$10,000Equipment$ 20,000Software$10,000TOTAL$ 40,000

Breakeven Analysis


Risk Management Plan and Contingency Plan

Losing customers who may be upsetTo mitigate this risk, the organization should educate their customers on the benefits of the new concept Technical problems that my disrupt operationsTo mitigate this risk, the organization should put in place rapid maintenance solution for any technical problems that may arise Losing client private information and moneyTo mitigate this risk JP Morgan should ensure that these are kept under strong firewalls and other protective measures.


Organizational Change Management Strategies

Should come up with ways or alternatives through which they will be able to retain their personnelCommunicate the benefits of the concept to ensure that the customers and employees accept it



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