Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience






The presentation on obesity went very well. Most of my objectives were met and my target audience received my teaching with great acclamation. There were approximately fifteen attendants most of who were teenagers and adolescents. There were three teens, seven adolescents and five adults. Nine of the participants were male whereas six were female. In my opinion this was a good number as a start as I had anticipated even fewer than this. All the objectives were explained adequately and several questions arose from these which were then duly responded to.

Obesity as a nutritional condition was discussed at large with all the risk factors appended to it, the presentation and how those affected appear, how it affects them among several other discussions on the same. The process of how to determine one’s basal metabolic index and hence the presence or absence of obesity was also discussed. This saw the participants calculate their estimates and determine their individual basal metabolic indices. There were also discussions on what those affected with obesity go through and how they manage to cope. In several instances obesity is often associated with negative issues such as laziness, low intelligence quotients and even untidiness, however, this is not usually the case. The discussions were sentimental and went all the way into the different ways of managing obesity once it occurs and before it occurs.

There are some aspects of the presentation that required improvement. For instance, the participants complained about the lack of sufficient images to go with the illustrations provided. They also complained about the little amount of time allocated for question and answers together with the discussion duration. Also, they complained about inadequate and untimely notification of my presentation. It therefore follows that in my subsequent presentations, I should do the notification early enough to make room for early arrangements and also to get a better number of participants. Next, the time allocated for discussions should be increased as well in the future so that all participants get to raise their concerns and issues for prolonged discussions. Finally, in the near future when making presentation I would like to increase the number of pictures and images for the sake of those with photographic memories.

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