Technology in Customer Relationship Management

Technology in Customer Relationship Management

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Technology in Customer Relationship Management

Technology has taken course in our daily activities tremendously where almost everything surrounding is done with the aid of technology. For instance, in the industry, production is aided by technology, educational sector where learning is aided by technology, hospitals where treatments such as scans are aided by technology and also supermarkets and shops not forgetting the security sector. Indeed, technology has been of great help to the society whereby activities are carried out in a fast and a more effective way. Therefore, technology cannot be overlooked in the customer relationship in businesses. This paper involves a discussion on how technology has impacted customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management refers to the business practice of fostering and maintaining relationships with customers through different platforms, practices and technologies. With the help of technology, customer relationship has become more streamlined and more effective where digital technologies such as software and hardware, internet and cloud based programs and data analysis tools are used to help businesses attract new customers, capture customer data that aids in the marketing process and also maintain the already existing customers.

One of the best platforms for customer relationship management is the use of tablets and mobile devices. Tablets and smart phones can aid greatly in customer relationship management since they have access to internet and other features which make sharing with the customer easy and effective. Unlike, the use of computers whereby you have to sit all day and reply to mails, tablets are wonderful since one does not have to be glued in one place to communicate with the customers. Tablets and smartphones are portable and can be carried anywhere. This makes it possible for the one to communicate with the customers through social Medias such as what Sapp, twitter and Facebook where by customers can make any inquiries and receive the feedback immediately.


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