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Assignment: Unit 2 – Discussion board: Research Ethics

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Part 1: Ethics in Research

Explain why research might be considered unethical.

The research that I’ve chosen to discuss is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This research was infamous, unethical, and malicious and was conduct for 40 years on human beings. The reason why this research is unethical is due to several facts, which are as follow:

Explain what ethical considerations there are and how to avoid these issues in your research project.

  1. The study was done on humans who thought that they were being treated for something else. Therefore they were there under false pretenses.
  2. Researchers withheld treatment even when there was treatment widely available. This is cruel and unusual. Nor did the researchers inform the people that they were in an experiment.
  3. This was done in the United States of America to United States citizen.
  4. There was no ethical consideration for the people that this test was done on.

Ethical considerations are done when researchers study human behavior, medical advances or technological devices. These considerations take into account how humans may feel about the potential outcomes of the research.

Explain what components are needed in the introduction to a survey to address ethical concerns.

The components that are needed in the introduction to a survey are as follows:

Part 2: Preparing to Create Your Survey

  1. Relevant
  2. Accurate
  3. Help you meet your goals
  4. Write 1 research question regarding that topic, in preparation for the assignments in Units 3–5.

    How music affects you productivity

    Create 5 survey questions that would help answer your research question.

    Your opinion counts. Please select fill one box for each question.

    Question Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
    Music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable        
    In a noisy workplace, music is an escape        
    Ambient noise help with creativity        
    Lyrics are often distracting        
    Familiar song help you focus        

    Write your hypothesis for your research question.

    I predict that the use of music while at the workplace will not only provide an increase in creativity, but also put the workers in a less stressful environment.


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    Responses to Other Students: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

    Unit 2 Discussion Board – Research Ethics

    Kandice Cleaver

    Colorado Technical University

    Professor Fail

    Part 1

    Throughout the history of research there have been many studies conducted with little to no regard to the affect it may have on the subjects involved. For example, in 1955 at Willowbrook State school for mentally ill, there was an unethical study conducted where children were infected with hepatitis in order to observe the stages of infection. Although the parents gave the institution permission it was under false pretenses (Education Development Center, 2009). Research may be considered unethical for the human factor reasoning. When research does not consider people’s rights as humans or is filled with deceit, the research has taken an aggressive form of selfishness on the researcher/s role as they have not considered the subjects best interest.

    Not all resources are created equal. When conducting research, you need to find a credible source of information. Credible sources have references or come from an unbiased source such as a government, university or private research company (Abrams, 2006). Non-credible sources can be found in abundance across the internet these include blogs, Wikipedia, and sources that lack references.

    When conducting a survey, there are somethings that will need to be shared with the participants at the beginning of the survey. The participants in any research should be well informed about their involvement in a research project that has a beneficial reason. The information may include: potential risks and benefits to the participants, guidelines for participation and withdrawal, anonymity, and confidentiality provisions (CTU, Research Ethics, 2018). The information must be submitted to the Institutional Review Board for review to ensure that the research will not violate human rights (CTU, IRB, 2018).

    Part 2

    In this study of overtime and the effect it has on productivity, a survey of participants who have had prolonged exposure to overtime, and therefore fatigue, will help establish a basis of their productivity. The research question for this survey is: How much overtime is optimal to maintain productivity levels at ?

    Questions that will be in the survey are:

    · How many hours of overtime in one week is comfortable to work in your opinion?

    · Using percentages, how productive are you in the regular work hours in a week?

    · Using percentages, how productive are you in your comfortable overtime hours?

    · Using percentages, how productive are you past your comfortable overtime hours?

    · On average, how many mistakes are made during the regular work hours?

    · On average, how many mistakes are made during the comfortable overtime hours?

    · On average, how many mistakes are made past your comfortable over time hours?

    Hypothesis: The majority of people are not fatigued by 40 hours of work in one week, fatigue sets in around 8-10 hours of overtime, at this point there is an increase in mistakes and therefore the fatigued workforce is less productive. Optimal overtime to maintain productivity is no more than 8-10 hours per work week.


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    What did you learn from your classmate’s posting? While reading Kandice post I learned of an unethical study in which there where children who were infected with hepatitis in order to observe the stages of infection. I think that Kandice’s post is very well structured. I require no clarification regarding neither Kandice’s research question nor hypothesis. The difference that I see between my post and Kandice post is that Kandice hypothesis is on overtime and the effects that it has on productivity. Great post on Research Ethics.

    Tina Harris

    Research Design Methods & Applications (BADM440-1803A-05)

    Unit 2 – Discussion Board

    PART 1:  Ethics in Research

    When information is obtained through research that is considered sensitive, this can be considered unethical due to the confidentiality of the information (MUSE).  Researchers also have to consider being ethical when it comes to honesty, conflicts of interest, plagiarism, and the integrity of the data collected (MUSE).  

    There a many ethical considerations when it comes to researching a project.  A conflict of interest can come into play and must be identified in the report when there is acknowledgement of that fact.  All primary researchers should be listed as authors on any report to avoid any authorship issues.  Researches must always be honest in every aspect of their research and reporting process in order to uphold not only their own reputation, but the reputation of their specific field of study.  Researchers should always avoid plagiarism to ensure that proper credit is given to all information that has been borrowed or summarized in any research report.  (MUSE) 

    PART2:  Preparing to Create Your Survey

    How can employers create and promote Employee Happiness?

    Survey Questions:

    Would a flextime or telecommuting work schedule create more happiness for you?

    Does the décor in your office create a specific mood, good or bad?

    Does your commute to work create frustration and start your day in stressful way?

    Do you feel that chronic stress is affecting your health by causing side effects such as weight gain, fatigue, or a lower immune system?

    Would you like to see a new office workstation arrangement that promotes social interaction with your co-workers?


    I feel that employers should look for ways to give employees more control over their work schedules, allow employees to customize their workstations, decrease commuting stress, allow employees to make positive lifestyle changes for health reasons, and encourage office socialization (Shetrone, 2011).  All these suggestions can and will create Employee Happiness.   


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    While reading Tina post I learned that researchers should be ethical when it comes to doing human research. I think that Tina’s post is very well structured. I require no clarification regarding neither Tina’s research question nor hypothesis. The difference that I see between my post and Tina post is that Tina hypothesis is about employers giving employees more control over their work schedules. Great post on Research Ethics.