web design 2

4) The method attribute of the

tag supports the two values:


A. get or post.


B. post or input.


C. input or get.

D. submit or post

7) Which of the following is a valid image tag?




B. src=”../tiger.gif” />





9) The attribute that is best for including a short description of a table’s contents for users with disabilities is:


A. id.


B. summary.


C. description.


D. title

10) To accept input from the user on a web page use the __________ tag.









16) Which style attribute will create a background image that replicates across the entire browser window if the background image were named BG.jpg in a folder called “images”?


A. background-image: url (imagesBG.gif);


B. background-images: url(imageBG.jpg);


C. background-images: yes repeat);

 D. background-images: no repeat);

17) Which example below correctly applies multiple selectors at the same time?


A. p – ol – ul {color: blue}


B. p, ol, ul (color: blue);


C. p + ol + ul {color: blue}


D. p, ol, ul {color: blue}

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