WMBA 6030 Week 4 Assignment Business Memo-How Information Systems Drive Value

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WMBA 6030

Week 4 Assignment: Business Memo-How Information Systems Drive Value


Date: November 25,2019

To:Dr. VanTalia

RE: Driving Value from Business Information Systems

The Westjet case is a case I have seen represented so many times in Corporate America. Cheryl Case represents a company turning a new leaf having one person to make those changes. Cheryl Smith is the hiried change agent. She came and did an analysis on the company compared to the industry. This analysis had some disturbing results. This made her think of and implement some pretty drastic changes. She came in like a wrecking ball to create a program that will last for the future. Her viewpoint is refreshing as many new CEO try to just come in just to get a paycheck.

The point of being ahead in your industry to avoid being behind was echoed throughout the discussion. Netflix is the leader in the industry of steaming entertainment but this is all changing as other players are coming in the game. Other players like Disney plus, Amazon Prime and Hulu are offering more for less. Netflix is going to have to offer more variety and better pricing to compete. The days of doing just the same thing every day are over. Keeping ahead of the industry will keep them from being taken out of the industry.

The ability to stay on top will rest on Netflix’s ability to reaction to the other companies plans. (Porter, 2008). Also, It’s even better for a company to look at their company beyond the immediate threats. (Porter, 2008). According to Porter, There are 5 threats to a company like:new company in the field, rivalry,copycats, customers trying to sell them vs the other way around and suppliers trying to hustle them. Netflix will need to understand all the 5 threats in mind to keep their doors open.(Xu & Quaddus, 2013).

My organization can drive value by learning customers’ buying habits and doing recommendations on those. I think using business information systems to categorize customers based off their search results would be helpful in directing them appropriately. Business Information Systems is an important part of Netflix success. The company uses a good CRM system that helps to label the information correction.


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