Zodiac Killer Matrix

Unit 2 Assignment: Zodiac Killer Matrix

Key TermHintQuestionInsert answers below.
Actus reusThe first general feature of crime is that there has to be an act in violation of the law.What act was committed in violation of the law?Murder of multiple peoplePossibility of 37 people
Mens reaA guilty mind is the second general feature that has to be established and is probably the most complex because it involves subjective evaluation of the mind.Should the Zodiac be held to blame for this crime? Did the Zodiac intend the consequences of his or her actions?Yes, I believe if you done something you should take the blame.I don’t think the Zodiac cared either way about the consequences or his actions. He knew what he was doing and loved bragging about it.
ConcurrenceThe third element is the concurrence of the act and the intent.Were the Zodiac’s actions linked with the intent?Yes, he wanted them to be his slaves when he was reborn.
HarmThe harm in this case, the death of another human being, is easily identified.What is the harm caused by the Zodiac killer?Betty & David shot.Darlene & Michael shot.Cecelia & Bryan stabbedStine shot
CausationThere has tomust be a link between the act and the harm.What is the link between the act and the harm?After Zodiac would commit a crime, he would make phone calls to report his own murders to the police (or he would write letters to business to take credit)
LegalityThere has to be a law on the books to punish someone for his or her behavior.What law is on the books that the Zodiac would be punished for?Murder is the law that Zodiac would be punished for.
PunishmentNot only must there be a law on the books, but that law must provide a punishment for the crime. Statutory punishments for murder are among the severest punishments available to judges.What is the punishment for murder in California? 25 to life in a state prison, life imprisonment without parole.
Necessary attendant circumstancesThis element refers to the facts surrounding the incident. Even if each of the statutory elements can be established, a defendant has the opportunity to raise defenses that could excuse his or her actions.What would the Zodiac argue regarding a defense?IF he had a defense, which I don’t think he would because he seems “proud” of what he has done. The only defense I believe he could have would be insanity.