ACC 491

Fraud Article Summary

Fraud Article Summary ACC/491 Fraud Article Summary The Bloomberg news website posted an article on April 1, 2019 written by Jef Feeley and Anders Melin titled “Hertz Seeks $70 Million in Clawbacks Tied to Accounting Scandal”. Clawbacks are a measure made possible through the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 that allows companies to seek punishment for …

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Scenario Assignments

Week 3 Scenario Assignments ACC 491 Apple Inc. Apple Inc. started out as a small idea, of Mr. Steve Jobs (which is still the long-standing CEO) and turned into a mega billion-dollar business. This global tech giant not only manufactures personal devices but they also are the leader of computer software and peripherals. Apple Inc’s …

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Team Scenario Assignment

Week 4 Scenario Assignment ACC 491 Week 4 Scenario Assignment The following is a guide that describes Audit Evidence and Documentation standards. The guide or cheat sheet includes; comparisons, sample sizes and methods, relevance, reliability, sufficiency, types of audit evidence, purpose, ownership, confidentiality, and retention of documentation. Comparison of Audit, Scientific and Legal Evidence Standards …

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Fraud Auditing

Fraud Auditing ACC/491 Fraud Auditing Introduction Fraud auditing is referred to as fraud in the auditing of financial statements and is defined as intentionally misstating information contained in the financial statements. There are different kinds of fraud an auditor is responsible for identifying and assessing. The use of various devices and information technology (IT) functions …

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