AB 209 week 3 Discussion job specification

Job specification

A Job specification is a statement which outlines the minimum acceptable, educational qualifications, personal experience, specific qualities and communication skills required to perform a given job. It is intended to serve as a guide in the recruitment process, translating the job description into human qualities. The following are the job specifications of the two job vacancies at GlobalTrek Company; administrative assistant and administrative manager.

Administrative assistant

Administrative manager

  1. Total experience: the incumbent must have an experience of between 2-3 years at a reputable organization in a similar position
  2. Educational qualification: the incumbent must possess a high school diploma but possession of vocational training in administration will be an added advantage
  3. Skills: the incumbent must demonstrate the following skills
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Team building skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Effective organizational skills
    • Computer literate and must demonstrate ability to use spreadsheet and Microsoft word

    There are various advertisement avenues available to an employer to use to fill a vacancy in an organization (Gonzalez et al., 1997).This includes the services of employment agencies, social media, internal memos and traditional press advertisements.

    1. Total experience: the incumbent must have three years of professional experience in the following fields; human resource, finance, information technology or property management at a serious organization.
    2. Education; possess a business related bachelor’s degree, a masters will be an added advantage
    3. Skills
      • Good interpersonal skills
      • Excellent communication skills
      • Knowledge of employee policies and procedures
      • Good planning and organizational skills
    4. Global trek can best advertise for these vacancies by using both internal memos and social media. The internal will be useful especially for the employees of GlobalTrek who might be interested in filling up the vacancy while the social media platforms such as twitter and facebook will reach many people in an inexpensive way. This will enable the company to cast its net wider.


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