Acme Manufacturing

Acme Manufacturing


Question One

Acme is torn between settling less(bidding as the lowest) or going out of business,both options difficult but it has to decide with picture in mind

Question Two

From consequential point of view,Acme’s consequences are not favorable because bidding the lowest means it will not be able to make much profits and on the other hand failing to bid means going out of business.

Deontologically,Acme has a duty to its stakeholders and as things are,Acme will have to compromise the interest of shareholders interests by bidding the lowest or going out of business but it is the only option

From humanism point of view,Acme has a responsibility to its employees and as such it will have to go by the lowest bid

Question Three

Deontological point of view makes a lot of sense in this case because Acme has a duty to its shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees,and to do this,Acme will have to settle for the lowest bids in order to remain in business and forge ahead until they get back on its feet.

Question four

From CSR point of view,Acme cannot afford to go out of business and the best option in this case is to settle for the lowest bid in the meantime until they get back to their feet.

Economically,Acme needs to make decisions that prevent incurrence of losses which in this case is hard to determine.

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