AMP 450 Topic 5 Assignment Connected Health and the Digital Age of Medicine PowerPoint Presentation

AMP 450 Topic 5 Assignment Connected Health and the Digital Age of Medicine


“Our vision is to overcome traditional healthcare barriers and harness the power of innovation to achieve cutting edge advancements,” claims Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., Founder of NantHealth. True to it, NantHealth provide quality medical care from its achievements in software technology and precision medicine. They have improved the method of patient examination and treatment. Hence, improved outcomes to the treatment are experienced.

Technology innovations by NantHealth that connect patient, providers and insurers include:NantOSTM (Nant Operating System)Health NotebookNantOSTMHealth Notebook


NantOS is a secure, unique and powerful operating system that is cloud based . It powers NantHealth’s portfolio of solutions. The operating system has different platforms including:Messaging and CollaborationAlerts and NotificationsDocument exchange and attachmentsContent managementWorkflow managementE-forms and clinical pathwaysRules enginesEvidence and Knowledge systemsMedication adherenceLab ordering service

Functions of NantOS

Collecting data from other stored systemsExtracts, changes, collects and interpret data.Delivers answers immediately.Powers NantHealth’s Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, and Clinical learning apps to improve communication in the healthcare system.

Health Notebook

Health Notebook is a medical care and wellness portal to communicate, and view medical records together with scheduling appointments on the mobile devices.The platform gives patients the opportunity to participate in their own goes a mile beyond Electronic Medical Records by reducing operation costs and becoming a competitive edge while providing a more open access to patient data.The user interface

Functions of the Health Notebook

Patients participate in their own wellness.Connects to remote and wireless devices.Patients are educated and rewarded in their medical care.Opens doors to advanced precision care.

Real time data encourages outcome focused planning due to the following benefits:

Reduced hospital admissions and re-admissions.Reduces insurance claims and lowers premiums.Enables comfortable care facilities.Streamlines collaboration between healthcare providers.Describes a patient’s behavioral and medical conditions.

Effects of technology on future healthcare delivery

Reduces the running cost and in turn reduces cost of health on patients. Improvements made in electronic medical records decreases the use of paper in filing and retrieval methods hence reducing costs.Reduces time. Time for retrieval of patients medical data will be reduced. This creates a patient-centric environment.Improved collaboration. The ease of access of patients medical data will aid practitioners in various units e.g. lab and pharmacy to communicate easily and help each other in taking care of the patients.Involve the patients in their medical care. The patients will be able to freely access their medical records and get advice on how to change their lifestyle to better their health.


Technology is vital in improving research and access to better healthcare. The communication between the medical practitioner and the patient improves. This reduces the number of people seeling medical aid and improves the health of the community.


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