Business Decision Making Part 3

Business Decision Making Part 3



OneAZ Credit Union is struggling with their call center, as they continue to grow within Arizona.There are certain problems that need to be looked at for resolution to ensure that member’s needs are being met.We need to collect and look at data to create the best possible solution to the problem of the credit union.


Describe the organizationExplain the business problemAnalyze why the problem is important to the businessIdentify what variables are important to measure for the problemApply data analysis techniquesCome up with a possible solution to the problem


OneAZ Credit UnionCorporate OfficeCall Center

Business Problem

Increase in call volumeOutdated phone system

Long wait timesUnsatisfied members

Why is This Problem Important?

Create happier membersDecrease wait timesAssist the members better

Best Variable to Measure the Problem

The variable is the callsType of calls being receivedBusiest time of day and day of weekNumber of calls being received

Quantitative Variable

Data Analysis Technique

Descriptive Pie chartBar graph

Inferential RegressionANOVA


Upgraded phone systemIncluding different queue optionsEmployee training in certain categories

Shorter wait timesSatisfied members


You can see how important it is to OneAZ Credit Union to get the phone system updated within the call center.Collecting the correct data and using the proper tools for this are critical to this process.Creating the best solution and training for this are important to the success of the call center.


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