Analyzing the Annotated Bibliography

Analyzing the Annotated Bibliography



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Analyzing the Annotated Bibliography

In the books, the use of compensation to motivate employees is highly discussed and recommended. Compensation incentives are directly related to performance objectives, which will push the employees to excellence. Giving out of generous bonuses to the top performers as well as the use of intangible rewards is a good way to solicit more commitment to the company goals by the employees. Another way is to come up with programs that mainly aim at developing the employees (Beck, 2004). This has a twofold benefits, where they will be improved to work more efficiently as well as motivating them to work. Introduction of employee recognition programs in the organization is also a way of getting the best out of the employees, since it is somewhere in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that people get to a point where to them recognition, especially public is important to them. It is also true, and has been proven numerously that every employee subconsciously look after their personal achievement, power or social acceptance.

Beck, R. (2004). Motivation: Theories and principles (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.:

Pearson/Prentice Hall

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