Art theme of war in Ancient Near East

Art of war in Ancient Near East




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The theme of war in Ancient Near East was the main theme during this period of time. The war was due to some people were fighting for God whereas others were fighting for the king. There were those people who fought for the empire of kingv Marduk- alpa-iddinna. There was also defensive measure which was used by the Babylonian in order to resist the power from Assyrians. Nations went to war in order to defend their welfare. Many pictures were used during this period in order to illustrate the utter futility of how strong the resisting it was for the empire.

Artworks utilizing war

A drawing line of relief from Ramses II was illustrating variety of themes in his siege of enemy. Gigantic size of defensive warrior king in his chariot located at the left, dominance of a well illustrated bow and chariot, chaos of siege welfare located to the right and ritual smiting of an enemy drawn in the bottom middle of the whole art.

Artwork 2

Empire warriors also used arrows, horses and soldiers lay back in defense of the welfare (Oppenheim, 2006). The king strengthened his empire through creation of tents and drew an encampment. He used his soldiers who were equipped with weapons and laments. The soldiers used arrows to kill the enemy and defend the empire.

To conclude, the creators of these times utilized only the materials they were close to because it was during difficult times in the country. The artists were more creative because they had no access to education due to challenges (Kang, 2009). Other created scriptures included standing and relieved people, pottery and impressive places including temple.


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