Assembling strategic plan

Assembling strategic plan





Assembling strategic plan

The strategic plan at bling shop includes all the plans directed at meeting the goals of the organization. There is disaster recovery plan on the strategic planning which is responsible for all the risks within and out of the organization. There is also a portion on data collection methods and how data analysis will be done. The plan has included only the major methods of data collection. Data security is an important part in the strategic plan at bling shop and is also included in the strategic plan. Network and hardware portion are useful at bling shop whereby the information is stored and retrieved any time of need. There is an implementation of well-designed network system which helps to access information for the organization (Shaw et al. 2006).

The strategic plan includes all the sources and materials used for data storage and all the backups if anything happens which lead to data may loss. The strategic plan at bling shop also includes a portion of customer satisfaction. Customers are the most important elements of any business as they determine its success or failure of the business. Good relationship should therefore be created between the customer and the employees to create smooth running of the business. Bling shop has got a target market which enables them to work tirelessly to make the clients satisfied with their handmade products.

In conclusion, strategic plan is very important in an organization because it guides every activity in the organization. Strategic plan also gives direction and steps to be followed in the management of the business. Every organization should have well organized plan in order to aid in making fruitful and successful business (Shaw ET all. 2006).


Chan, K. M., Shaw, M. R., Cameron, D. R., Underwood, E. C., & Daily, G. C. (2006). Conservation planning for ecosystem services. PLoS Biol, 4(11), e379.

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