Assignment 1 Ticket Seller Phase 1

Assignment 1: Ticket Seller Phase 1

CIS 267

The purpose of Phase one (The Design Phase), is to showcase an application that will sell and print tickets via Visual Basic. The program should consist of multiple forms and subpages for the user to work through, consist of the overall functions and design of the application which will thoroughly be described below. Ultimately, the program should provide said user 100% full capability of ordering and printing tickets, with no outstanding problems whatsoever. Details describing the UI components are as followed below:

Form 1: “frmTicketSeller” (Ticket Seller)

Button 1: “btnSetupGame” (Setup Game)

Button 2: “btnSellTickets” (Sell Tickets)

Menu 1: “&File” (File)

>Menu2: “&Tickets” (Tickets)

>Menu 3: “&Reports” (Reports)

Picture Box: “picTicket” (Ticket Image)

Form 2: “frmSetup” (Setup Subsystem)

Label 1: “lblGameName” (Name of Game:)

Textbox: “txtGameName”

Label 2: “lblDate” (Date: )


Label 3: “lblPrice” (Price: )

Textbox: “txtPrice”

Label 4: “lblSeats” (Seats: )

Textbox: “txtSeats”

Button: “btnSubmit” (Submit)

Button: “btnExit” (Exit)

Form 3: “frmSell” (Sell Subsystem)

Label 1: “lblAvailTickets” (Available Tickets: )

Textbox: “txtAvailTickets”

Label 2: “lblTicketQty” (How Many Tickets?)

TextBox: “txtTicketQty”

Label 3: “lblTicketPrice” ($ For Tickets”

Textbox: “txtPrice2” ($X)

Label 4: “lblTotalPrice” (Ticket Total After 10% off)

Text: “txtTotalPrice” (Final $X)

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