BA 301 Week 1 Assignment Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility






Corporate Social Responsibility

The company of choice in this scenario is the Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Company is a technology company which deals with computer software and hardware, electronics and the distribution of the above to the consumers. It was founded on April 4th 1975 and has therefore been in the market for 41 years as of this year. It was founded by the legendary Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It has its headquarters based in Washington, Unites States. The company has several social responsibility policies as discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

First and foremost is the recycling policy. Microsoft Corporation complies with the EU Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive’s and other applicable requirements in every market they are involved in. Microsoft Corporation contracts recycling companies that adhere to its Environmental Requirements for Proper Disposal policy. This policy requires the recyclers to be certified, follow-up their associate partners and provide a certificate of destruction. This policy also prohibits landfilling products and bans exportation of e-waste to other countries.

Next is Carbon Neutrality. Microsoft Corporation introduced a levy carbon fee on the company’s business units. This policy was put in place to make the various departments look for ways to reduce carbon emissions in their day-to-day running of these departments. Other programs that have reduced the amount of carbon emission is the 9.9 million mile reduction in travels and the 80% waste reduction at Microsoft Redmond Headquarters.

The third and one of the most important policies is the use of renewable sources of energy. Over the years, Microsoft has involved itself in generating renewable energies. Of great note is the Lagos solar project. This takes place in Lagos, Nigeria and involves which provision of electricity to clinics and schools across Lagos when they need it. The next important policy is youth empowerment. Microsoft Corporation through its initiative YouthSpark aims to empower 300 million young people with education and employment opportunities. For instance a YouthSpark project named “Project Jyoti” has helped equip young adults from under-served communities with IT skills. Microsoft Corporation also allows high school and university students to be innovative and provide solutions to their communities through its world’s premier youth technology competition (Imagine Cup).

Another very important aspect of the social responsibility is the section involving technology donations. In 2006, Microsoft Launched the Community MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) program in India. This enable Microsoft to provide low-cost computers to non-governmental organizations in servitude to the community at large. Microsoft Corporation has also made office 365, Dynamic 365, Power Bi among other software available as donations to relevant non-governmental organizations through it cloud services.

Next is disaster mitigation. Microsoft Corporation runs a Microsoft Disaster Response Program that improves disaster preparedness of the community. Notable instances of such humanitarian activities were seen during the Syrian Refugee crisis and Hurricane Matthew of 2016. Microsoft mobilized donations from its employees for International Medical Corp, CARE and Concern worldwide. Another very important policy is the human rights policy. Microsoft’s global human rights statement is tandem with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The global human rights statement is particularly focused on privacy and data security.

Microsoft Corporation also ensures delivering technologies that are accessible and functional all and sundry. It also provides online security to vulnerable groups. Another key aspect of the policies is that of philanthropies. Microsoft philanthropies is also a program run within the Microsoft Corporation. It ensures that no one is excluded from technological empowerment and opportunity. Under Microsoft philanthropies are programs such as MySkills4Afrika, Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative and Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative programs. Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative seeks to provide affordable access to the internet for those who can’t afford it.

Another way in which the company demonstrates its duty is via proper communication. Microsoft localizes product user interfaces, documentation, proofing tools among others features. This ensures that there is easier communication with customers. The content of windows is in 111 languages and that of Office in 91 languages. All this is geared to promoting efficient communication. Also, they use their potential and available investors to the best of their benefit. Microsoft identifies transparency as one of its main thrusts in its corporate social responsibility strategy. In this regard, investors are among the main stakeholder groups in the computer hardware and software business. Investors affect Microsoft through the availability of capital. The interests of these stakeholders are business growth and accurate financial reporting.

Microsoft’s corporate responsibility efforts satisfy these interests through a variety of disclosures about the business, thereby benefitting investors. For example, these CSR initiatives enable investors to make better decisions about the company. The firm’s business stability also addresses investors’ interest regarding business growth. These initiatives show that Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility strategy satisfies the interests of investors as a significant stakeholder group.

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