BA 301 week 6 disussion Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society






Impact of Technology on Society

The impact of technology has been seen all around in the society. Technology is not owned by any one single government, or individual or company. The internet is a free net of information that has helped certain individuals to gain knowledge on certain aspects unlike those individuals on readily accessing the internet. Hence they are able to have business advantage and make wealth faster. People can do business over the internet, across countries and they have not met at all. It has also caused individuals in the family setup to depend more on communication through their devices, and hence person to person communication has been markedly reduced. The family unit is endangered, with high divorce rates, high suicidal cases, neglect and lack of good morals.

Technology has evolved our processing and manufacturing units. The machines being used in the factories are computerized and require less of specialized individuals. Due to technology reports of retrenchment and early retirement for companies, as they try to reduce the number of staff, and cut costs. This is because technology has been used to create machines that can do the same job a human being can do. Security personnel have been reduced due to invent of security cameras, motion sensors and alarm trigger systems.

The use of technology to make genetically modified seeds and animals, as people try to control food and textile worldwide. The genetically modified seeds and animals are patented. We have seen pigs growing form birth to less than six months and ready for sale. Technology has been able to create seeds that once planted, they cannot be replanted. The farmer has to buy new seeds. Some genetically modified seeds are solely dependent on pesticides and chemicals, which the human ingest leading to high toxin levels in blood. Companies are doing this to make sure they make a lot of money and announce super profits. Technology has had a bad impact on the society.

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